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Stay Grounded by house project by Materica Studio

Underhill House

This architectural project goes by the name “Stay Grounded” and it’s all about a house which doesn’t take a bite out of the Earth we live…

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Niao bird architecture by Fuquan Junze aka Oil Monkey

Little Birdy Architect

Who knew that a tiny little beak-and-feathers could create such a thing as this “Niao” eggshell home. It’s too good to be true! Non-avian human designer…

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Gulle bridge architecture by Moreno Ratti

On Gulls Wings

As a bridge sits above a body of water, so too must it respect and fear such a dangerous yet life-giving mass. Moreno Ratti of Cactus…

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la gloriette by Veuve Clicquot and the Campaña brothers

A New Gloriette

The rich French. What they can do is extraordinary. Especially when you’re talking about their great tracts of land and the way they’ve had them designed…