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Wooden Skyscraper by Berg | C.F. Møller Architects

Wooden Skyscraper

It might surprise you to find that this 34-story residential skyscraper proposed for Stockholm’s cultural hub is composed not of steel, but almost entirely of wood!…

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Aldar Headquarters by Mz Architects

Sides are so passé!

The Aldar Headquarters located in Abu Dhabi stands alone as a striking modern marvel against a landscape of harsh desert and four-sided buildings. The semispherical structure…

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Taichung City Cultural Centre by Maxthreads

Green Gateway

The latest from Maxthreads Architectural Design and Planning, this proposal for the Taichung City Cultural Center serves as a cultural hub for visitors, locals, major community…

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Stealth Pavillion by Paul Segers

Stealth Pavillion

The Stealth Pavillion is based on the concept of heterotopia, which describes spaces of “otherness” that are neither here nor there, simultaneously physical & mental, such…

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Musical Stairs by David Ross & Leander Angerer

Musical Stairs

Leander Angerer and David Ross’ revamp of this late Victorian staircase introduces subtle modern touches to accentuate the classical style. Tennis racket string sewn into the…

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Madla-Revheim - Sustainable City Model by MVRDV & Space Group

Urban Green Zone

The area on this map, called Madla-Revheim, is the main developmental edge of Stavanger, Norway for which MVRDV and Space Group seek to implement 4000 housing…