The Air Up There

The Air Up There

How many times have you looked up in the sky and wished you could better utilize all the seemingly wasted space floating just over your head? With water levels rising all over the globe, creating the current popularity in horizontal Terra Firma surfaces, real estate is at a premium. Greek designer and New Amsterdam resident Jessie Lauren might have a solution that could take design to new heights.

0 Designer: Jessie Lauren

Round is the new Black

“Round” is the new Black

Times are changing and getting from point A to point B has become increasingly difficult. With the cost of environmentally conscious, green fuels like oats and hay costing more and more each day, it is no wonder many of us are deciding to stay home at night. Our one horse power horses are in need of a serious break and Canadian designer Henry Ed believes his “wheel” concept design could help.

0 Designer: Henry Ed

The Needle makes a good point

The “Needle” makes a good point

The ancient Chinese practice of acupuncture just might have been the inspiration to this “needle” concept by legendary Protrusian designer Blais Pratt. Having all the markings of a successful concept, this beautifully minimal and sleek design has what it takes to be a huge hit, and has the added benefit of keeping your clothes on.

0 Designer: Blais Pratt