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Rolling Printer by Kim Tae-Jin

Printer Is Officially Off The Desk

We are constantly looking for creative ways to get the printer off our desk and reclaim the table space that was ours in the first place. Printer dominance on the worktable is one office woe that many face even in this day and age. The Rolling Printer puts an end to the debate by being this blissful device that hangs on the wall, giving you ample space for other important stuff like a decent coffee mug. Rolling printer has one more advantage. It…

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Hey Printer, stand up when I’m talking to you!

…ces getting smaller, you’ve got to cut the clutter. The first dispensable thing obviously is that bulking printer, scanner, xerox, fax machine that just occupies valuable real estate on your desk. Now since one can’t do away with the printer, scanner, etc. it’s high time they’re redesigned to be made more compact, right? The Vertical Printer is an answer to that previous question with its vertically oriented design. It occ…

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XEOS 3D Printer by Stefan Reichert

The Personal 3D Printer is Here

The ultra-compact XEOS 3D printer integrates perfectly into smaller office spaces that lack the capacity for larger printers, CNC mills and turning lathes. The use of a new innovative printer arm inspired by a wafer robot arm reduces enclosure volume by 66% compared to the current smallest design available. Create and verify geometric forms in no time, straight from the desktop! The clean interior and transparent two window design creates a &#82…

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Instant Cartridge Printer by Yuexun Chen & Chia-Chen Hsiao

Disposable Printer

The Instant Cartridge Printer is an awesome idea modeled on the lines of how disposable cameras are dispensed. The plan is to buy a cartridge printer off the shelf, according to the paper size you plan on using. Related info like print speed, print resolution and color is provided on the packaging itself. The designers try and bring in an eco-angle by using recyclable paper for the milk-box packaging and recyclable parts. However the printer is…

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Tiko 3D Printer by Tiko 3D

3D printer that’s cheaper than an iPhone

I knew that title would grab your attention. While we’re on the subject, yes it’s true. The Tiko printer goes for $179 and apart from the highly competitive price tag, the printer boasts of a unibody design, the ability to process branded/non-branded filaments, and a new Delta technique of printing that involves the nozzle being controlled by three arms. This allows the printer to print with stunning accuracy, and faster! Print me a…

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Printer Case – A Case Printer by Eunji Jeong and Nayoung Kim

The Ultimate Mobile Printer

So how about this … your phone case also doubles up as a portable printer. I like the concept and logically speaking, we are seeing many new practical designs that support portable printer – scanners that are pint-sized. Taking it a step further and cramming it as a Smartphone cover is an eventuality. Just a matter of time! So we have it on paper now … let the drum rolls begin… Designers: Eunji Jeong and Nayoung Kim…

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One Picturesque Printer

Name just one beautiful paper printer. Waiting…. still waiting. It’s next to impossible! Conceived with a true designer’s eye, the Elite Printer completely reimagines the home printing device as an artistic statement that won’t drag down your desk top’s style. Modeled after a scroll, the elegant upright design is at once sculptural and functional. Unlike common box-style printers, its vertical stance saves valuable…

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A Most Peculiar Printer

Horizontal printers are not only an aesthetic vibe-killer in your office, but they also take up way too much space. As you might infer from the name, the Vertical Type Printer flips things around to both save space and look sharp! Sleek and upright, this minimal twist on the printer is one you won’t mind having on display. Its vertical form is not only an aesthetic enhancement, but functionally easy-to-use and efficient. Unlike traditiona…

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