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Braille E-Book

…braille books in order to read. However, not many books are available in braille due to cost and inefficiency. Translating a 500 page book into braille nearly doubles the thickness. EAP is a technology that can dynamically change the surface pattern by way of an electromagnetic signal – simulating braille text. Not exactly a new idea but a nice executive nonetheless. Designers: Seon-Keun Park, Byung-Min Woo, Sun-Hye Woo & Jin-Sun Park…

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Interactive LEGOS

…mber from my childhood. Today they can become a total engineering feat which is why I gave up on them. Designer Jin Woo Han wants to bring people back and he believes autonomous interactivity could be the next big thing. His idea? Electric LEGOS. You will still buy LEGOS in kits but this time, you’re not bound by what you see on the box. The main circuit board looks like an ordinary LEGO piece but each notch conducts electricity. By connect…

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Water Generates Free Personal Electricity

…on the slick road to free home electricity. It’s the “Mini Hydro Turbine” from Yanko frequent Jin Woo Han. Don’t mix up the cords! The Mini Hydro Turbine can be attached to the end of your faucet or between two pipes. It’s designed to attach to any pipe to make use of water pressure in basically any instance. The water runs through the device, activating the hydroelectronic turbine as it does so. Energy is stored up…

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Snap It, Frame It

The concept Samsung SS700 designed by Jin Woo Han takes the two great things about digital photography and simplifies them – quickly snapping pictures and showing them off. The slim profile is undercut by a large round barrel for easy gripping. There aren’t any buttons of menu settings to fuss with it. The camera does all the thinking for you. All you do is point and shoot. The screen is large and bright enough to act as a display an…

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Anything Can Be An MP3 Player

…ometimes it’s even clipped to the dress shirt underneath so your tie won’t move. Now, throw in a single line LCD, some simple play/stop controls, and a little flash memory and you’ve got yourself a tie clip MP3 player. You can even use it as a messaging panel, like a “Hello, my name is. . ., ” or casually slip into the Republican convention with “Bush Sucks” flashing for all to see. Designer: Jin Woo Han…

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Portable PC Theater

…t. In lieu of a display, it has a built it projector which can be removed to better positioning. Don’t worry about sound because flanking the projection lens are stereo speakers. What about messy cords? All cords retract into the unit when not in use and because it is a computer, there’s a collapsible keyboard. All this and only 3 dvds and 2 cds wide. All you need is a blank wall, some popcorn, and a cold drank. Designer: Jin Woo Han…

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My Faucet Is Better Than Yours

Your Morning routine: head to the sink, open the tap, water pours down, brush your teeth, and gargle with cup. My Routine: head to the sink, open Fountain Tab, water flows upwards (with the push of a button), brush my teeth, no cups for gargling…just lap up the water directly from the faucet. I told you so, my faucet is way too cooler than yours! Designers: Jin-sun Park & Byungmin Woo…

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Roller Paper Printer

…g way since the 80’s but they fell out of favor in the consumer market for being loud and slow. However they’re becoming better alternatives nowadays since the paper is cut custom to your needs. No need to fiddle around with different size papers or loading trays. The Roller Printer fits anything from an A4 to A3 paper. You can print as long as you want. The built in cutter trims the paper at the desired length. Designer: Jin Woo Han…

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