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CuTime Wall Clock by Flussocreativo

Cutting Edge Time

…t can bend and shape into different meanings for different people. For some time is money, for some it is an eternity of solitude. So tell me, what would a cutting edge design like this mean to you? CuTime is a toothed wheel that represents time as an essential component of production. It is conceived as a critique of working time, it snaps presumption of a time constraint together with a claim for a professional result. Designer: Flussocreativo…

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Do Be Discreet

…ee and enjoy them, but I have struggled with finding a solution that doesn’t look too deliberate… until now. The Piastra is a wall mounted book shelf that brings home the functional simplicity of the magazine rack to create an all-around dynamic interior object that allows quick and intuitive access to reading. Designer: Flussocreativo The satin stainless steel and hidden LED lighting make for a super clean way to show off your favs….

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