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Digital and Analog, Perfectly in Sync for the Clock Which has Captured My Heart

OK show of hands: who is in the mood for the perfect wall-clock. One…two…ok everybody? Lets get to it: Masayoshi Suzuki of Pinto busts out the Digilog, a clock where the analog hand shows the minutes, while the digital number displayed at the top shows the hour. What else do you want? Fill up the apartment buildings, hotels, and the White House, because this is it! This is the future! I get excited about design works. Some may say a…

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A Lovely Little Clock with a Single Fuction

…inutes ago, saw the tv character “Monk” having. At daylight savings time, a person has to set their clock back or forward exactly one hour. For some clocks, this is basically impossible because the spinner spins all the wheels spinning at the same spin. With this “Ora ilLegale” clock, as you can see, it’s a cinch! For you Monks out there who’ve got to be precise about your daylight savings time changes. Some st…

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CKIE Product of the week – Nixie Clock

I’ve seen a lot of cool watches and clocks, but nothing quite as cool as the Nixie Clock. The Nixie clock literally uses multiple filaments to display the time, and in a way that will make steampunk lovers’ jaws hit the tarmac. The Nixie clock, in its mad-scientist grandeur, is actually quite a simple and smart device. It comes with a 9V adapter to power it, and it consumes such negligible amounts of power, it can apparently run for…

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Divining Rod Tech Rediscovered in Clock Form

…tell these things just as easily with a hunk of wood. That’s right! Inovaxion has created a wooden bit of clock and weather station that no sensible person with a hot collection of design oriented fun and helpful object would be able to turn down! Designers at Inovaxion present the Woodstation: “[In a collaboration between] human-sized French company, INOVAXION, and a high-quality Chinese factory, AEROTIME, [this product was born.] Wh…

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Design A Clock by Sarah Beth Harrison

Make a Square Clock Your Own

Design A Clocks! We got Design A Clock here- peek at em! They’re called “Design A Clock” and they’re here for you to paint on. That’s what they do, they let you paint on em and they tell the time. What else could you possibly want from something so square? A multi-canvas clock is what this is, allowing you to produce you own unique design. Pine frames and primed canvas, make it big or make it small. Count the time,…

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This Clock is Not Upside Down

…it’s where it’s funny to run around in a tshirt in the summer. But once inside, we gonna need us a clock. This is the “Clock for Night Owl” by designer Tiancheng Luo, and it’s made for those folks to stay up into the darkness. The wakie time for these people, you and I, is very different from that of your average human, in that while they’re asleep, we’re probably not. Here’s a clock for all of tha…

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A Rocky Clock

What you’re about to see is the Octopus clock by Sebastian Oeyen of Arista Design. It’s constructed of polyester resin and anodized aluminum. It is not the sort of clock to sit still, certainly if you’re rocking the surface it’s sitting on, but that’s the idea! The concept for this idea, says Oeyen, comes from time and dynamism. Time, he says, is not static, and thusly, neither is this clock. It moves like a rocking…

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