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This speaker/clock will leave you ‘starstruck’

Speaker, Clock, and a Constellation viewing device. Together they sound quite arbitrary, and if I told you they were all the same product, I’d get some weird looks for sure, but I assure you, they’re the most dreamy (and I use that adjective literally) combination ever. The Cosmos, now in its second iteration (there’s a video of version 1 above), combines clock and speaker, but that isn’t all. The clock face itself looks…

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A Clock that Changes Like the Sky

The 12-hour clock is possibly the most common wall clock in the world. It finds itself in every household, on a wall in the living room or bedroom, above your television or on your bedside/study table. It breaks your 24 hours into two halves, better known as day and night. However, the 12-hour clock doesn’t tell you when it’s day or night. It just tells the time. The Dusk will tell you the time, but through its design, will also tel…

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More Wall, Less Clock

The idea behind the Wyzer wall clock by Reinhard Dienes was to make the wall a part of the clock. Using large plastic hands and a small clock mechanism, the Wyzer hides everything behind the colorful hands of the clock, so you’ve got a clock that’s literally all hands and no face. The lightweight plastic allows the hands to be large yet stable. The Wyzer feels less like a clock and more like a sculpture piece that tells time. Breaki…

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From O’clock to Whoa’Clock

The OClock retains the cyclical quality of time, but challenges the notion that you need hands to tell it. Just using two gears, the clock lets an outer ring rotate while an axis lets you tell the time by reading its position on the outer ring. The OClock explores an extreme form of minimalism that literally reduces the appearance of a product to something that’s almost not there. The two rotating gears are all that’s needed to tell…

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Digital and Analog, Perfectly in Sync for the Clock Which has Captured My Heart

OK show of hands: who is in the mood for the perfect wall-clock. One…two…ok everybody? Lets get to it: Masayoshi Suzuki of Pinto busts out the Digilog, a clock where the analog hand shows the minutes, while the digital number displayed at the top shows the hour. What else do you want? Fill up the apartment buildings, hotels, and the White House, because this is it! This is the future! I get excited about design works. Some may say a…

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The Clock that Trades Hands for Hoops!

There’s something celestial about the Orbits clock. What it simply does is trades the conventional hands for hoops, but the result looks kinda out of this world. Each hoop, designed to fit within one another, rotates on the same axis, but the overall effect looks so absolutely magical when observed by the viewer! The hands come made of carbon fiber tubes, allowing them to be so light that the hoops no matter how large don’t sag unde…

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Race against this clock!

Time rushes by… and so do Audi’s cars. This rather innovative clock concept uses Audi’s logo for some imaginative visual trickery and a pretty uniquely enjoyable time-telling experience! Breaking the logo down into two static and two dynamic elements, the clock uses a long hand and a short hand to tell the time (as is expected with clocks!). The static elements mark the 12 spot on the clock so you know which way to hang it. Wh…

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