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From O’clock to Whoa’Clock

The OClock retains the cyclical quality of time, but challenges the notion that you need hands to tell it. Just using two gears, the clock lets an outer ring rotate while an axis lets you tell the time by reading its position on the outer ring. The OClock explores an extreme form of minimalism that literally reduces the appearance of a product to something that’s almost not there. The two rotating gears are all that’s needed to tell…

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Digital and Analog, Perfectly in Sync for the Clock Which has Captured My Heart

OK show of hands: who is in the mood for the perfect wall-clock. One…two…ok everybody? Lets get to it: Masayoshi Suzuki of Pinto busts out the Digilog, a clock where the analog hand shows the minutes, while the digital number displayed at the top shows the hour. What else do you want? Fill up the apartment buildings, hotels, and the White House, because this is it! This is the future! I get excited about design works. Some may say a…

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Race against this clock!

Time rushes by… and so do Audi’s cars. This rather innovative clock concept uses Audi’s logo for some imaginative visual trickery and a pretty uniquely enjoyable time-telling experience! Breaking the logo down into two static and two dynamic elements, the clock uses a long hand and a short hand to tell the time (as is expected with clocks!). The static elements mark the 12 spot on the clock so you know which way to hang it. Wh…

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The correct formula for mixing Tech and Time

…ne that connects you to the world, and then a watch that connects you to your phone in your pocket. Now a Smart Clock, that’s something I could rally behind, because it makes sense. The clock’s ever present, always visible, and is more capable of connecting you to your internet-powered world while at home, because your phone could be anywhere, if not in your pocket. The Glance Clock is the breakthrough product for clocks, the way the…

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A Wooly World Clock

From the designer of this tangible timepiece comes its big brother – the Time Tag Clock. It’s a twist on the world clock that presents an entirely new way to tell the time at home and all sorts of places beyond the pond! Despite its minimalist form, it’s made of premium felt which makes it soft to the touch, warm and inviting. Unique “flag tags” can be placed anywhere on the clock’s 2 turning discs to indicat…

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Tick Tock the Cuckoo Clock

I love Cuckoo clocks, they have always fascinated me since I was a child. My dad used to travel to Germany and brought one back when I was small and it was such a fun addition to the home. I’ve always wanted one my self, but the design of the older models just didn’t fit well with my home design style. Until now! Intenxiv design group has created a modern take on the Cuckoo Clock. Their reason for chaining up the style is that they believ…

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CKIE Product of the week – Nixie Clock

I’ve seen a lot of cool watches and clocks, but nothing quite as cool as the Nixie Clock. The Nixie clock literally uses multiple filaments to display the time, and in a way that will make steampunk lovers’ jaws hit the tarmac. The Nixie clock, in its mad-scientist grandeur, is actually quite a simple and smart device. It comes with a 9V adapter to power it, and it consumes such negligible amounts of power, it can apparently run for…

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