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BYB Balance Cell Phone by Bence Bogar

…ce, thus allowing for rapid and simple input. The backside touts a 5.1 megapixel camera equipped with auto focus, 2x optical zoom, QuadLED assist light, concealed by an active optical safer. The phone is GSM/3G/HSDPA compatible, with WiFi, BT 2.0 and GPS connectivity. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 3.5 mm and a MiniUSB port, and its 512 MB internal memory can be expanded with the help of a MicroSD card. Designer: Bence Bogar [ Product Page ]…

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Asus Aura Mobile Phone by Bogar Bence

…, although it has some interesting innovations addressing commonly mentioned shortcomings of Apple’s cellphone. Features of Asus Aura include – a sliding QWERTY keyboard that should make text entry much easier, 3,9 touchscreen covering the whole surface of the phone, 2 megapixel camera, microSD memory card slot, GSM, UMTS, HSDPA, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. All of this in a 6mm thick package. Designer: Bogar Bence Via: Engadget…

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Sony Ericsson PXi For Lefties

Bence Bogar must be a leftie because his SE PXi concept is a product specifically created for all lefties tho it’s flexible enough for righties too. Obviously following the current direction of SE’s P series of smartphones, the PXi is powerful while staying somewhat slim and ergonomic. The body is magnesium framing a big 3.3 inch touchscreen. The screen rotates automatically ala iPhone and is optimized for both finger and stylus inpu…

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MulTicket – A Ticket Concept

…meet up with your friends, you all line up for a ride and swipe your card to document the trip. When you leave, you keep the card and can reuse it for any other venue by re-registering. It’s software based solution makes it easy to consolidate passes, tickets, and convention IDs all into one device. The LED based interface makes customization catering to each event easy. The possibilities are endless. Designer: Bence Bogar [ Product Page ]…

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Lounge in Art

…s bi-axially rotated slowly as the polymer melts and coats the inside of the mould. After the melting, when the time is right, the mould is removed from the oven and cooled. Cooling allows the polymer to solidify to the desired shape and shrink slightly so that it can be handled and removed from the mould. Although a practical, functional piece, when not in use, the chair doubles as an exciting three dimensional art work. Designer: Bence Szucs…

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