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Time By Touch

…hought since it’s common and comes naturally. Where does that leave people with vision problems? Designer Arnaud Lapierre (love the name) designed a prototype watch in conjunction with Swatch. The end result is a double ring ceramic device that tells time by touch called Sens. The 12 hour point is marked with braille so you can identify which way is up. The upper most ring tells you what hour it is simply by its distance from the 12 hour ma…

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Acueil lamp and trays by Arnaud Lapierre

The Lovely Circles

…p and what has a couple trays for your true comfort and ease in experience is this, the “Acueil” by Arnaud Lapierre. The warmth of the lamp is provided by LED. One of the movable plates provides space for immediate objects such as keys, while the large plate is for the longer-sitting objects like the newspaper. Perhaps you’re familiar with the word accueil, a French word which means “lets totally party right here.” O…

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I’d Sit & Blow Bubbles All Day

…changes as the viewer’s perspective shifts. The dichroic treatment of the Plexiglas provides the ambient floors and walls with original lighting effects dependent on the incoming light and surfaces on which the refracted light is cast.  This chair is definitely unique in that it looks different from one room to the next, reflecting and changing as it takes in surrounding elements. Designer: David Lesort and Arnaud Giroud of Pitaya Design…

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A Sexier Cellphone Cover

…l, each leather-clad case features its own unique details and character that differ one to the next. The design also features a slot for cards, tickets or other slim paper while a single flap turns it into a tripod for propping your phone while watching videos. As for the pretzel print, it’s a stylish detail that pays tribute to designers Nicolas Schmitt & Arnaud Debs’ Alsatian roots. Designer: Nicolas Schmitt & Arnaud Debs…

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Immortality Thru Japanese Robots

…elderly – sorta. In a creepy cybernetic way, Oboe contains all the knowledge, or will contain, everything your loved ones know before they pass. This way, they’re immortal since all of their experiences can be passed onto future generations. Fast forward 1000 years from now and it won’t be surprising to find Earth populated with nothing but robots – conflicted because they remember being human. Designer: Arnaud Deloustal…

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Design Digest Vol.6

First real reindeer fur rug by Michael Malmborg for Lyx. Strip tease lamp by Arnaud Lapierre. Spindle Table by Brad Ascalon for Ligne Roset. Lounge Landscape by Nicola Burggraf, Susanne Hoffmann, Steffen Reichert, Nico Reinhardt & Yanbo Xu. Bonsai tree table by Anke Weiss. First real reindeer fur rug by Michael Malmborg for Lyx. Strip tease lamp by Arnaud Lapierre. Spindle Table by Brad Ascalon for Ligne Roset. Lounge Landscape by Nicola Bu…

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Easy Closets

…age space is sometimes a premium so any innovate way to get more of what you already have can be god send. There are enough hooks on the door to hang everything from bags to coats. It encourages you to properly hang them inside the closet since you can’t close the door without unloading everything off the hooks first. Now if only there were a way to make the doors mirrored, then we’d have a real winner here. Designer: Arnaud Lapierre…

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The Doorknob Signal

…e’s got to be a more high-tech way. The Doorknob Condition uses an innovated pulley system that makes the knob on the exterior recess inwards when pulled from the inside. Without a knob to use, there’s no way to get it. Sure it could be great for security but who are we kidding? We know exactly how a doorknob like this would be used. Too bad it doesn’t have a little timer to indicate when to come back. Designer: Arnaud Lapierre…

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