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Connext – All-in-one Device by James Zhang

…y and physically. Pressing one of the six Mode Keys instantly brings the user to the specific device function, and prevents the user from ‘getting lost’ in the interaction interface. Applications like the badge and the necklace modes extend this device’s purpose beyond personal productivity, and opens up a new scenario of true physical interaction between individuals. Have your technology, and wear it too. Designer: James Zhang…

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Plant Growing Book by Eric Zhang

…ose florilegium which name is “book on life”. People can plant whatever they like in the left side of the book, they should care for it and watch it grow. During this process readers do not only learn the meaning of life but they create life themselves. 8 small LED lights are fixed on the bottom of the plants, in the evening the book can be turned on to become a lamp with the unique light reflect from the leaves. Designer: Eric Zhang…

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Carbon Fiber Furniture by Allen Chester G. Zhang

Twisted and Molded for Sitting

…is an exercise in sculpting. A project of carbon fiber proportions, one made when the designer Allen Chester G. Zhang was experimenting with shapes and materials. The project Zhang set for himself was a chair for hotels and cafes, and indeed that’s what’s appearing in the gallery inside this post. A lovely black and hopefully charcoal gray can be seen in each image. This is a chair made for sitting back and drinking up a cold soda or…

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Multiwrench by Junjie Zhang

One Wrench to Rule Them Each

Or twist them all. In the dark! That’s what designer Junjie Zhang has on the brain, that intention in this project. This is a wrench that’s got several settings in one single piece of non-moving metal. One hunk. Tell me about this project, if you know about something similar, because it seems too simple to be true. One wrench, one shape that allows for several bolts to be twisted. Twisted all the way tight. Now this designer just had…

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Wearhaus Arc Headphones by Nelson Zhang and Richie Zeng

Express Yourself Through Music

…path to continue with the safety net of a Berkeley engineering degree, however dropouts Richie Zeng and Nelson Zhang thought it best to invest their time and energy focusing on their passion for music and developing hardware products. Their shared craze for music paved the way for designing the Wearhaus Arc, sleek wireless headphones that reinvent social music listening. The Arc is all about you. Your style, your personality, and the music you l…

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Fight Fire From Afar

…way of fighting fire. Specialized for tight spaces, its extendable nozzle can get right to the root of the fire or even be used to get between crevices. Operable with one hand, it also puts the user at a safer distance from direct flames. Compact and intuitive to use, it’s a great solution for convenient fire safety at home or as a supplemental unit in larger spaces. Designers: Lin Zhang, Furong Zhang, Jingchen Zhang, Ziao Lin & Kun Xu…

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Volvo BeeHive Concept by Yuhan Zhang

Human Hives of the Future

Design Yuhan Zhang imagines cities in 2030 being so congested they require multi-layered transportation systems that divide routes between pedestrian, commercial, and personal use. The system closely resembles a beehive, where individuals serving various tasks can use designated vehicles to get around and complete their missions. At the center of the hive, automated vehicles are dispatched directly to customers. For example, the Beetruck here is…

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Whisk by Ivan Zhang

The Eggstractor

…arking that name BTW! Separating egg whites from the yolk can take some serious skill! That is… unless you have this modern whisk by Ivan Zhang. By slightly modifying the shape with a circular indention, the whisk catches the yolk, allowing the white to drip down. The whisk can then be used as normal to beat the eggs or stir your mixture. It makes separating effortless and better yet, keeps your hands clean of egg goo! Designer: Ivan Zhang…

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