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Vivien Muller

You Can’t See the Cables for the Tree

…ng to make a conscious effort to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle. PhotonSynthesis is a device by designer Vivien Muller, which is a solar-cell bonsai lookalike, tree charger. You can charge your cell, your Mp3 player or a number of other electronic gadgets by plugging in to the tree. With its’ 57 photovoltaic panels, the sun can power your tree during the day – no water needed. The solar energy is stored into a battery, allowing…

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The Octocube of mystery

…y help? The sharper eye will observe the 2 cables/pipes at the rear so surely it does something right? Designer Vivien Muller has created this little mystery for your Thursday morning enjoyment. Give up? Entirely created from a single 90 degree elbow, the Octocube builds up into a radiant heater with a large surface area, and the inherent flexibility and modularity of the elbow. It is designed to be a sculptural heater that fits in with any inter…

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A Fountain Pen For The Modern

Fountain pens may lend an air of sophistication but damn can they get anymore dated? I mean all I need is a monocle, a bowler hat, a tweed suit and I’m all set. This fountain pen design but Vivien Muller updates the ubiquitous writing tool to where I wouldn’t mind using one. Okay ergonomics may have taken a backseat here but hell, it’ll look sexy just sitting on my desk. Designer: Vivien Muller…

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The Cootie Catcher. I’m For Serious Ya’ll

Inspired by a popular origami game, designer Vivien Mullter created the cootie catcher (yes you read right) or fortune teller (coin-coin in French, it also means corner-corner). It’s made of 2 basic parts, 4 sections of 8 in aluminum pieces fixed together with nuts and bolts. Designer: Vivien Muller…

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A New Species of Smartwatch Stand

The WatchMe (Watchus cyclopus) is a newfound species, a harmless cyclops monster endemic to designer Vivien Muller’s office, east of France in the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia. WatchMe has been selectively bred for months for various behaviors, cord management capabilities, and physical attributes. The domestic WatchMe performs many roles for people, such as decorating a bedside, companionship, and charging a wearable technology. It has no…

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Electree - Solar Charger by Vivien Muller

Sculptural Solar-Harnessing Specimen

…ure, Electree Mini provides solar-derived power to environments typically void of renewable energy. The modular design stores solar energy in small batteries so you can use them directly to power appliances like remote controls or flashlights. 2 other models, Electree + LED and Electree + USB, turn your solar tree into a color changing lantern and USB phone charging station respectively. Green thumb not required! DO WANT! Designer: Vivien Muller…

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New Monitor for Newborns

…udio conversations and even enables the user to receive live feeds of the baby too. With design similarities to Vivien Muller’s Ulo, the Strixie carries some of the goals and visions from the Ulo with the specific use of newborn connection and safety. That being said, there are things about Strixie that I’m not sold on, such as the ballast used to keep the device upright. Adding weight into a device that will be close to a baby seems…

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One Intelligent Teddybear

…es to do anything from turn/dim the lights, flip through TV channels, play music on a Bluetooth speaker, adjust volume and more. You’ll no longer have to worry about fumbling for the light switch or trying to find remote buttons in the dark. Just take this loyal companion with you from room to room for convenient control of your devices. When he needs a recharge just throw him on the wireless dock or any Qi charger! Designer: Vivien Muller…

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