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Design is Best with Stomping

…earth that the garbage is inevitably going to fill up! Kidding! The title is actually very clever with the concept. It’s Armstrong like Neil Armstrong, aka the first man to stomp on the moon. The Armstrong dust bin aims to be the first cleverly named step in reducing the space taken by the garbage we just do not stop making! Stomp it. Stomp it and KILL it. Designers: Hyunsoo Kim, Young min Yoon, Seunghee Son, Sukwon Park & Sungwoo Park…

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Energy Seed: A Yanko Love Story

Listen, we all love Sungwoo Park here, don’t deny it. There’s been more than one satisfied reader here on Yanko when it comes to Sungwoo. But this time, the reader took an extra step and became an inspired advocate for action. This reader cum designer, Jerome Demers, took the Sungwoo Energy Seed concept and made it DIY and desktop sized. Don’t you want to play along with the “dead” batteries too? The parts used to m…

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Paper Paper Paper = Notebook

…oks, the package can be completely used up with the machine! No waste! The box makes the product: inexpensively constructed books. Check out this thing here. It’s a thermal binder. You know what that’s all about? It basically makes quick “perfect bind” books with a slip of paper with glue on it to hold a stack of paper together. With this particular machine you’ve got the green, got the green. Designer: Sungwoo Park…

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Best of Yanko Design 2008

…omments: 113 7) Bedroom in a Box by Marcel Krings. Permalink Hits: 99566. Comments: 48 6) USB Digital Camera by Sungwoo Park. Permalink Hits: 103933. Comments: 122 5) Beauty & the Geek Jeans by Erik De Nijs. Permalink Hits: 117595. Comments: 163 4) Compose Music All High Tech by Ouyang Xi. Permalink Hits: 119951. Comments: 51 3) Virtual Wall by Hanyoung Lee. Permalink Hits: 120799. Comments: 164 2) The Dry Side by Sungwoo Park. Permalink Hits…

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Feel The Music

…own the sense of touch is heightened allowing them to perceive music in a totally different way. SOUNZZZ is a visual, audio, tactile MP3 player designed for the hearing impaired but universal enough for all to enjoy. Sound is translated into a series of vibrations. One hugs the device to feel the music and it even plays an equalized light show along with the sound. A very unique device I would love to see on store shelves. Designer: Sungwoo Park…

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Making Hairdryer Portability a Breeze

…g your own hairdryer takes up too much space in your bag. It’s this reason alone that Seongkyeong Son and Sungwoo Park set out to develop something that was not only space saving but challenged the conventional hairdryer grip too. Through this, Pebble was born. Pebble’s design is precisely what you’d expect from its name – smooth curves and a soft design aesthetic, complimenting the shape of the hand. The concept of mergin…

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Voice Stick

…braille is costly and time consuming thus the disproportionate number of braille books. Voice Stick is an advance optical character recognition scanner designed to make all books available to the visually impaired. As you pass the wand over a page, text in translated and read to you in a friendly voice. It can be used to convert any text from books, newspapers, contracts, mail, business cards, etc., into voice information. Designer: Sungwoo Park…

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Digitize That Stack of Business Cards

…tifully on an OLED screen, sharp enough for small text. Still a concept but I know a lot of “old schoolers” still toting around business card holders. I think they would jump at something like this. However I do have 2 gripes. Many modern cards utilize texture in the design which a screen doesn’t pick up. Many also use front/back layouts which this concept doesn’t seem to address. Designer: Sungwoo Park & Bongkun Shin…

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