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Seunghan Song

Morning Dew Mobile Phone Concept by Seunghan Song

The Song Trilogy

Seunghan Song wowed us with his innovative transparent and magical phone concepts, at a time when alternative aspects were not even being considered in the real world. Continuing with his vision for a world where mobile phones are not just gadgets but an aesthetic, emotional extension of our lives, he has here the Morning Dew Mobile Phone Concept. This version becomes a brilliant piece of art when placed casually on a table and charges up in a v…

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Inverse Proportion For Texting

…goes on to have a large display when reading a message that transforms to having a large keypad when typing in the text. This is what the Blackhole Phone is all about. UPDATE: New Pics I guess motion sensing technology is used to transform the digital screen form big screen to big keys, coz you need to reverse the phone to switch modes. I reckon the ample keypad is good for pudgy fingers, now only if it were a QWERTY one! Designer: Seunghan Song…

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Phone That Shames The Weather Bureau

…u of my hometown is often sniggered at, for their in-accurate predictions. When they say it will rain (like they predicted a couple of days ago) you can be sure it will be bright and sunny. I would like to gift them this “Window Phone”, that makes accurate predictions and even changes its display to reflect the climatic conditions outdoors. Maybe I should keep the phone for myself and bug the bureau with my updates. Designer: Seunghan Song…

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The Universal Phone For The Blind And Sighted by Seunghan Song

The Universal Phone Has Sighted People Jealous

…ands of micro pins dynamically raise and lower forming a tactile surface for all to get touchy with. Sighted people get the elusive tactile feedback they’re missing with ordinary touch-screens and blind people get a whole new interface made of braille. The idea was inspired by the little raised dot on the number 5 on almost all mobile keypads. Hey if it works, why not extrapolate the idea into a whole new interface? Designer: Seunghan Song…

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Best of August 2009

…696 9) Braile Mug by Sang-hoon Lee & Yong-bum Lim. Pemalink Hits: 8159 8 ) Universal Phone for the Blind by Seunghan Song. Permalink Hits: 8351 7) Kitchen Timer by Emma Caselton. Permalink Hits: 9199 6) Slip Grips by Stanton Burns. Permalink Hits: 9719 5) Water Gate by Michael Tatschi, Sascha Mikel & Martin Schnabl. Permalink Hits: 10252 4) Map & Projector by Jin-Sun Park & Seon-keun Park. Permalink Hits: 12911 3) SmartMeasure Kit…

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Universal Cellular Phone by Seon-Keun Par

The Braille Phone

…many weeks! Right after (or right before) you take a peek at this design, be sure to check out the version that Seunghan Song designed. Compare and contrast! Then look at this! It’s got raised and lowered portions to create braille using what’s called Electric Active Plastic (EAP!) Several different modes can be activated: text, braille numbers, roman-character numbers, and off (all lowered.) It can send and receive phone calls and te…

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Best of Yanko Design 2009

…mments: 175 9) MacBook Touch by Tommaso Gecchelin. Permalink Hits: 68465. Comments: 117 8 ) The Window Phone by Seunghan Song. Permalink Hits: 94991. Comments: 155 7) ‘Fresh Blow’ Portable Aromatherapy by Moonhwan Lee. Permalink Hits: 103977. Comments: 46 6) Stapleless Paper by Sherwood Forlee. Permalink Hits: 143738. Comments: 56 5) Mobile Mini House by Stephanie Bellanger. Permalink Hits: 173306. Comments: 101 4) CarGo Pick-up Truck…

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Space 3 - Mobile Device Concept by Wenhing Chu & Kok Keong Wong

The Mother of Split!

I thought my ultimate phone fantasy ended with Seunghan Song’s Window Phone Concept. I was wrong; Space 3 is my latest hitch. The device takes the idea of a transparent touchphone one step forward with its twin splitting transparent displays! Although the designers focus only on the navigational aspects, I think the interaction can be explored further to involve videos, photographs or even surfing the Internet! Totally rad! Designers: Wenhing Ch…

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