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Ricardo Baiao

SunFlower – Solar Power Station by Ricardo Baiao

Sunflower is a new home & office solution, that uses solar energy to generate electric power thru three built in standard sockets. That combined with a solar powered music system interacts and transforms common living spaces into enjoyable and sustainable living environments. The top solar panel receive energy thru the day and the rechargeable solar batteries keep your appliances working thru the night. Designer: Ricardo Baiao…

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Peugeot Dauphin – Electric Vehicle by Ricardo Baiao

…h matrixes of bismaleimid and Epoxi resin. To guarantee high performances and safety standards with a very low weight structure. The Dauphin communicates wirelessly with your home computer ( internet server ), and you can receive information when ever you need it, maps, directions, phone calls… see it in dauphin incorporated wind-shield monitor and interact with it with the joystick / steering wheel special buttons. Designer: Ricardo Baiao…

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Tria Wireless Sound System, Minimalism Be Damned!

…e digital solutions, it also preserves the old turntable experience by enabling it to be controlled with a remote control or a touch-screen LCD display located on the top surface of the player. A system of four styli allows it to play the both sides of the vinyl without having to flip it. In addition, TRIA is equipped with an internal cleaning system, which offers the system long life and durability. Designer: Ricardo Baiao at Mola Ativism…

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Emergency Air Or Pretend You’re A Dolphin

…inking, “what if I run out of air?” Silly question since I had a huge tank strapped to my back and an instructor tethered to me but that ‘sinking’ feeling kept nagging at me. Had I had the Phantom which sits on the chest plate of your wet suit, I may have felt more reassured. The simple device holds 5 minutes worth of air. Not sure if that’s enough but it’s the little things that count. Designer: Ricardo Baiao…

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Kinetic Cell Phone

…eveals the generating and charging unit. Power comes from kinetic energy similar to that found in watches that use oscillating weight to power a mainspring. The phone only contains basic features. None of that fancy multi-media stuff. If power runs out because it was sitting still for too long, just give it a few upside down turns to get the kinetic rotors going again. Now you’ll never have to worry about batteries. Designer: Ricardo Baiao…

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