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Rasam Rostami

Braun Bounce - Headphones by Rasam Rostami

Wood is Good for Headphones!

Maybe I’m dating myself, but do you remember when wood was the only option for speakers and TVs?! Well, wood is BACK in a big way and that includes portable audio. The Braun Bounce headphones look like and feel like they sound: smooth and natural! Real wood housings are paired with ultra-soft ear cushions and a minimalist headband for an original look that’s as beautiful as it is comfortable. DO WANT! Designer: Rasam Rostami…

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Laws of Fatal Attraction

…grail for gaming equipment. It would only be natural for a fanatic gamer to own a Razer smartphone one day. After all, we need to play Clash of Clans in style.! Designer Rasam Rostami created the ultimate drool-toy for gamerheads world over. The Venom is a sleek smartphone with a curved ergonomic design and the iconic snake triad logo emblazoned on the back. Let’s hope this gives the guy’s at Razer some ideas! Designer: Rasam Rostami…

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Calligraphy Scissors by Rasam Rostami

Saracenic Scissors

…tempt to merge scriptures with daily objects, the reinterpretation of these scissors create a poetic balance between the tangible and intangible. The inscription on the scissor speaks of how even the most simple acts in traditional craft are divine, being performed by god, existing within the creator. A wonderful way to look at craftsmanship under a more pure light. A lovely design philosophy to have! Designer: Rasam Rostami Author: Sarang Sheth…

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Tri to Tell the Time

This sci-fi smart-watchface concept called 3ANGLE Smartwatch, presents the time in a perplexing other-worldly figure. The concept is about connecting the dots, placing a triangle on the wearer’s wrist that is constantly and smoothly changing its shape every 5 seconds. You might be the only one to decipher it, but you’ll look uber-cool doing it! Designer: Rasam Rostami…

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