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FOODOO Food Waste Dispenser by Jeong Min Kim 02

Getting Wasted with Jeong Min Kim!

…is time it gets YUCKY. And you know what happens when things yet YUCKY: things also get real SMELLY. What Jeong Min Kim has here is a device that both heats and dries the food waste into a solid block. Don’t put your puppy in there! In the FooDoo the food is made into blocks that are one-fifth of the wastes original volume. Like most similar devices, it is made to be built-in to the cabinet system of the kitchen. It has two modes: Heating M…

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YiAhn – Bassinet That Turns Storage & Table by Min Kang

It is not only a normal bassinet; when the baby outgrows his bassinet, it can also be used for storage such as a toy bin and a mini bookshelf with drawers. As the baby becomes a child, it can convert into a set of a chair and a table for children. It can also be used as a bassinet again, if the family has a second baby. Designer: Min Kang…

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Cool Pocket by Baek Min Kim

The product contains a metal net which stretches and expands smoothly. When combined with the handle, it adjusts temperature and preserves food inside fresh. This product enable the user to easily get out fresh food no matter where one is, both inside and outside of house. Designer: Baek Min Kim…

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Codename: Moon – Guerilla Gardening Tool by Min Jeong Kim, Ga Young Tak and Min Jeong Choi

Guerilla Gardening

For those who don’t know it, Guerilla Gardening is a livewire concept that sees folks planting and sowing seeds in abandoned plots or unlicensed places. The idea stems from the cottonseed story of Moon Ik Jeom, the first Korean Guerilla Gardener. The tool showcased here is a handy one that is discreet enough for such operations. Designers: Min Jeong Kim, Ga Young Tak and Min Jeong Choi…

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Peepster by Simple Artifact for VW, Duh Technologies

Gadgets for the Peeper

…rror, a mug or in a box – waiting for the perfect shot. And like all things powerful, power can be corrupted — and with Peepster, it’s up to you to use it wisely (though it’s probably more fun not to). Tech Specs: 4 GB Flash Hard Drive 3 MP Camera Time settings: 8 min, 4 min, 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec, 10 sec, instantaneous shot Designers: Alex Bogusky, Michael Kritzer, Neil Riddell & Veronica Padilla for VW, Duh Technologies…

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Vaseball magnetic flower vase by Min Seok Song

Enemies of Garden

…oo low, the lightness and the opposites in the poles make the ball lift! Makes sense? Opposite poles in the magnets, too powerful for the weight of the ball, makes the ball lift from the ground. When water is added, the weight becomes greater than the power of the magnets. As the designer Min Seok Song says, the magnets act as an “intermediary in communication between human in plant.” How very poetic and neat! Designer: Min Seok Song…

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U-Wall Lizard - Concept Vehicle by Zhi Min Lin

Reptilian Roadster

Designer Zhi Min Lin’s prediction for the future of ground transportation is that cities will become so crowded & dense that new streets will eventually change from the current 2D flat roads into a 3D U shape to utilize limited space. The U-Wall Lizard is a vehicle adapted for driving on these new roads. Four independently powered wheels, expandable clawed tires & a unique suspension system allow it to grip terrain on both horizont…

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Visual Biking – Projection Display for Cycles by Shin-min Kim, Min-Ki Hwang & Kyu Min

Visualized Biking

Love this integration of mobile devices and Bluetooth, to make a cycle ride the most techie experience. We have moved into the era of wearable tech, so may as well embrace this as the next step in riding bikes. Hands up, all those who would totally use it! Me, me! Designers: Shin-min Kim, Min-Ki Hwang & Kyu Min…

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