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Löytö Esineiden

KOKO MUO by Löytö Esineiden

Analog Watch of Wonderful Halfness

…common misconception that a graphic design is one who fills up all the space he or she is given, that being the greatest use of the entire canvas. Nay, I say nay, this is the job of the graphic designer: to utilize the space in a way that gives magical powers to the bits he or she has to place upon it. That’s what the industrial designer has done here, in this watch. Well played, Löytö Esineiden, well played. Designer: Löytö Esineiden…

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KAARI Watch Concept by Azahara Morales, aka Löytö Esineiden

It’s KAARI Time

…rresponds to the 0-30 minutes dials (located on the inner radius of the arc) and the 30-60 minutes slot (on the outer radius). Designed on the lines of the Koko Muo concept watch, what differentiates the KAARI from the same is the materials and mechanism, which optimizes the movement and the production cost. MATERIALS: Strap: Silicone rubber Case: Black stainless steel DIMENSIONS: Case: 38-40 mm Designer: Azahara Morales, aka Löytö Esineiden…

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Ö Case – iPhone Case by Löytö Esineiden

iPhone Case That Makes Sense

All said and done, the Ö Case makes better sense as an iPhone Case than any others that I have seen. Two things that make this concept win its brownie points: A screen-cleaning slider that cleans those oily finger marks off the screen and a special nook to wind and store your earphones. Simple design, creative solution and a sleek outcome! Designer: Löytö Esineiden…

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Time in Three Quadrants

…hat shakes up the “traditional” a little with its face divided up into three quadrants. Each one is demarcated to indicate hours, minutes and seconds. MIKESY is a newer edition of the MIKESYDÄN. The origin of this design was the conceptualization of a product that reflects the Japanese earthquake disaster – born under the triad concept (mind – body – heart) reflected in the three parts. Designer: LÖYTÖ ESINEIDEN…

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Ikku Watch Concept by LÖYTÖ ESINEIDEN

Two Halves of Time

…watch project aimed squarely at innovating how time is read using traditional movements. The face is divided into half spheres. The left half signifies hours while the right tells minutes. Each of the half spheres are demarcated into 12 points with its own needle. To read time, just look at the hours on the left, then minutes on the right. Beautiful design and it’s certainly different. Should be in stores soon. Designer: LÖYTÖ ESINEIDEN…

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Most Buzzed Designs of May 2012

…on | 8651 Hits 6) 0 Point Ruler by Chul Sung Ahn, Chang Dae Jeon, Da Hye Lee & Hee Chul Kwak | 9740 Hits 5) Circle – A Continuous Printer by Yang Jae Wook | 9983 Hits 4) Corner Ladder by Company & Company Design Studio | 10395 Hits 3) E-Board (Easy Board) Ironing Board by Mohsen Jafari Malek | 16937 Hits 2) Ö Case – iPhone Case by Löytö Esineiden | 17455 Hits 1) iPhone 5 Concept by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio | 26731 Hits…

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