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Art Lebedev Studio

Verbarius – Clock that Writes Time by Art Lebedev Studio

Optimus keyboard creator Art Lebedev Studio today provided an early look at the Verbarius. A natural-language clock, the Verbarius tries to liven timekeeping by expressing the time the way many people do in conversations, randomly choosing between descriptions such as “forty-five minutes past four” Or “fifteen minutes to five” It can also read the time in four other language, Russian, French, German and Spanish. The studi…

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Reflectius Clock by Art Lebedev Studio

Laser Precise Time

The Reflectius Clock by Art Lebedev Studio has a whopping sixty rotating mirrors that successively reflect a single laser beam at precise angles to draw numbers. Complex triangular facets guild the beam to form the current time and showcase the efficiency and preciseness of a laser beam! Totally fascinating…don’t forget to check out the demo. Dimensions: height 124 mm (4.9″), width 260 mm (10.2″), depth 76 mm (3″) Artistic director: Artemy Lebed…

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Levelus Spirit Level Perfume Bottle by Art Lebedev Studio

A Perfume For A Man’s Man

…on called the Spirit Level. But even the toughest men wouldn’t be caught dead with a frou frou bottle so this one comes packaged and functions as a level. Design Team: Art Director – Artemy Lebedev Designer – Oleg Morev Industrial Designers – Alexei Sharshakov & Benjamin Flannaghan Modeler – Alexander Pozdeyev Consultant – Katerina Makarova Visualizator – Anton Veryovkin Designer: Art Lebedev Studio…

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Lampus – LED Modular Lamp by Art Lebedev

The Story of Lampus

When you are at the helm of an innovative organization such as the Art Lebedev Studio, one can only expect only the best in design to be dished out. Once again your concept is spectacular, so take a bow Art! The Lumpus is an adjustable modular table lamp with three LED modules located on the same axis. Crafted from anodized aluminum, each lamp rotates independently and switches-on, individually. Simple and minimal, the lamp is as elegant as a sw…

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Ironius - The Coffee Mug Iron by Art Lebedev Studio

Don’t Iron Bras At Work

…nius” can be used to iron out a few creases of your shirt. Perfectly handy for those naughty ones who indulge in office romances. *Nina in her silky black bra are not included in the package! Design Team: Art Director – Artem Lebedev Designer – Basil Dubovoy Industrial Designers – Alexei Sharshakov & Benjamin Flannagan Modeler – Alexander Pozdeev Renderer – Anton Verevkin Designer: Art Lebedev Studio…

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I Know What Yanko Needs : More Crane

…ou’ve got some crane knowledge or criticism to drop on us, do what the crane does, and drop it on us. Everyone who worked on this project: artistic director Artemy Lebedev art director Timur Burbayev industrial designers Alexei Sharshakov Maxim Chaschin Maxim Shkinder Benoit Patoureaux modelers Alexander Pozdeyev Yevgenia Yeremeyeva visualizator Dmitry Dolgikh manager Vera Dorofeyeva Cranes is serious business. Designer: Art Lebedev Studio…

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Lucky Russian Trolly Ticket Cookies

Mouthful! Believe it! These cookies were designed by returning Yanko champions at Art Lebedev Studio for the Russian Ministry of Transport. In Russia where bus, train, and trolley tickets run rampant, superstition also flows freely. The Russian ticket trick is the following: when the first three digits added up equal the last three digits, the holder should eat the ticket for good luck! Design has made this luck devouring much less ink-intensive…

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Paper Clip with Several More Spins in It

…;s only a couple turns in a paper clip. And that paper clips are not fun. No fun with paper clips allowed! What Art Lebedev Studio has done is totally add metal to this legendary invention, curve it up a bit more than usual, and slap an excellent name on it. “Super Paper Clip!” it was named, later changed to the more Russian “Skrepkus.” More paper can fit in there! And more loops means more fun. More fun in paper clips. Th…

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