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Abel Verdezoto I

iPhone 6 Concept Phone by Abel Verdezoto I

OMG, Yes Another iPhone 6 Concept Phone!

…these may trigger an inspiration for Ive! Specs for this new idea include straight sides with chrome accents, upper and lower angles curved with grainy texture and gloss finish. The power button positioning, volume buttons on the left side, Nano slot and 3.5mm jack on the right side and speaker connector on the bottom. The loading dock is metallic and grounded along with being magnetized. What do you say… aye or nay? Designer: Abel Verdezoto I…

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Sony Alpha SLR Concept by Abel Verdezoto I.

An SLR That’s Easy On The Face

…e, just to make the gadget geeky enough for the pros. The Sony Alpha SLR Concept promises no high-funda tech-specs and simply addresses the issue of ergonomics. The theory being that a flat back on any camera is a pain on the wrist and facial features like nose-protrusion and chubby-cheeks! Solution: Sony Alpha – featuring a slanted rear. The tilted back is easy on the wrist and face. More Details here (in Spanish). Designer: Abel Verdezoto I….

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Sony Xperia X Concept Phone by Abel Verdezoto

Ooo It’s A Sony!

…ernal curves on the sides offer a better grip. The back has a flipstand that opens and supports the phone, especially when you need to navigate the smartphone vertically or viewa panoramic videos. Features include a screen of 4.6″, mini-HDMI connector, SIM slot, microSD slot, back and front cameras. The Xperia logo on the front works as an illuminator of notifications that adopts a different color for each application. Designer: Abel Verdez…

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Nikon D800 Concept Camera by Abel Verdezoto

Nikon D800 Turns Me Right Round

The Nikon D800 concept is a new approach to ergonomics reflex camera for recording video. It has a rotating handle so you can hold it like a traditional camcorder. The rubber grip is removable and the texture is very soft – adapting its shape to that of the fingers. The display is wireless, making better use of LiveView at angles difficult to reach. Designer: Abel Verdezoto…

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Most Buzzed Designs of September 2012

…s we are crystal clear about them. Here is a look at ten outstanding designs from September that were apparent with their ‘clear thinking made visual’ intent. 10) Light Bird – Solar Lamp by Jang Eun Hyuk 9) PUSHit Toilet Seat Design by Hoe Yeong Jung 8 ) Philou le Caribou – Lighting Decor by Maxime Dubreucq, Vincent Claudepierre, & Benoit Louzaouen 7) The Swing Table by Duffy London 6) Sony Xperia X Concept Phone by Abel Verdezoto 5) Lé…

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