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Modular Power Strip Concept by William Harris

Accommodating Strip

You can only understand the value of a good power strip when you own too many devices. I am literally joined to the hip with my iPad, iPhone and camera on any given day. So a good power strip that can accommodate the various charger heads is a welcome design. The Modular Power Strip Concept is a step in this direction and I think someone should make it now! The concept aims at providing us with a versatile power strip that can be expanded as wel…

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Tab The Power Strip

What a zippy world it would be if we had designs like the Multi-Tab Power Strip fitted in our homes. This crazy thang takes aid of pictogram and energy efficient LED lights to help you keep a track of your hooked up gadgets. Unwanted tabs and sockets easily detach with a tug-up on the tab! Users can configure the power strip with as many or as few outlets required. And that’s about it…get adding and detaching, now will ya! Designer: Soon Mo Kang…

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Power strip makes all directions possible

The power strip design you’re about to witness allows you to plug in from any direction and at any point along the length of it. Designer Hung Wang created a design here that allows Live / Neutral-wire slots to sit next to one another no matter which of the four directions you plug in from. This power strip goes by the name of “CROSS” and without a doubt aims to keep all manner of electronics in energy in as versatile a manner…

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Intelligent Power Strip by Herald J. Ureña – Umaña

Power Strip Cornered

The Intelligent Power Strip has an imposing triptych composition that allows you to place it at any nook. The beauty of the design is that the power cord can be maneuvered to face the direction of the outlet, no matter how you place the strip. It’s a very radical new design and I’d love to see how this really works for the room corners. Designer: Herald J. Ureña – Umaña…

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Donut Power Strip

Wait, it’s not really a power strip if it’s a donut right? Ugh, what a conundrum! I digress. The Donut “Powerstrip” by Ramei Keum solves some of my biggest annoyances with most power strips today, namely not accommodating the huge power bricks that come with many of our electric appliances. Each outlet can spin inside its socket for the best fit. The donut shape also helps to keep cabling organized. Designer: Ramei Keum…

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The Sweetest Power Strip

Just as the name suggests, the Honey Strip looks to one of mother nature’s unique, natural geometries for inspiration! Like honeycomb, each hexagonal cell can connect to the next to ensure you have enough outlets for all your devices. Better yet, its modular design saves space and accommodates areas of varying shape. A built-in LED ring light on each unit also makes it possible to see where you’re plugging, even in the dark! Designe…

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Show – off that Woodie Strip

…for the end user, and not just the person who has paid money for the product. Take a look at the Woodie Milano Power Strip – WoodieHub, when co-founder and lead designer Francesco Paolo Dolce was traveling in Bolivia, a very powerful insight was stumbled upon. He came across a beautifully crafted wooden power strip and got him thinking on using alternate materials to plastic. It also made him realize, that as an end consumer, nothing is mo…

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Power Strippin

…eems that electronics manufacturers can’t agree on one or even three standard sized power plugs. So why doesn’t your power strip seem to care about this fact? Well now it does. The “Revolve” by Takumi Yoshida is the simple answer to a complicated Tetris-like puzzle plaguing us all. Yes, we have seen many other similar designs, but this one has that little something extra…it’s rendered! Designer: Takumi Yoshida…

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