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Twoface Window by Junkyung Kim & Yonggu Do

For The Love of Plants and Cleaning

I love the simple TwoFaced Window, a window that allows you to conveniently clean both the sides of the pane and nurture plants according to the elements. The window pivots and does a full 360-degree rotation. Well the cleaning aspect is one part of the design, however the thoughtful incorporation of a flowerbed and its maintenance, scores it many brownie points! Designers: Junkyung Kim & Yonggu Do…

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CookDial by Seungin Lee,  Junsang Kim, Yonggu Do & Kyungmin Min

Water Ding!

The CookDial is a pot with a timer dial at the end of its handle. You can leave a pot of water to boil, set the timer and multitask with other kitchen work, instead of keeping a watchful eye. A distinctive ‘Ding!’ goes off when time’s up, and I think it can be a useful when I make my tea! Designers: Seungin Lee, Junsang Kim, Yonggu Do & Kyungmin Min…

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Icarus OLED Light by Sewon Oh, Yonggu Do & Minseon Kim

Flap-o Lights

The incredibly beautiful Icarus OLED Lights look ready to illuminate any dark spots in your life. Captivating and innovative, the lights seem to have a mind of their own. Seven wings on each side of the spine open and illuminate in a rhythmic dance and can be configured as per whim. It’s sure to make any factory floor come alive with design! Designers: Sewon Oh, Yonggu Do & Minseon Kim…

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Best of Yanko Design 2011

…Permalink: 176932 19) Engrain Tactile Keyboard by Michael Roopenian | Permalink Hits: 178895 18) Chalkeeper by Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo | Permalink Hits: 208347 17) Hyper Touch Guitar by Max Battaglia | Permalink Hits: 213075 16) Network Tube by Son Kijo, Joon Hyoung Seo, Uhm Hyung Woo, Choi JinYoung & Kim Junpyo | Permalink Hits: 237465 15) Writable by Tianyu Xiao | Permalink Hits: 239402 14) Digimo Camera Concept by Sangik Lee | Permalink H…

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The Part – Tablet and Smartphone Concept by Eunha Seo, Junse Kim & Yonggu Do

Why Two?

Do we really need the tablet and the smartphone to be two different entities? If you ask these trio designers their answer is no! The Part is the coexistence of a smartphone and a tablet as one whole device. You can remove the phone for individual use, however together they tango even better! Designers: Eunha Seo, Junse Kim & Yonggu Do…

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Toggle Light by Yonggu Do

Flick a Light

The delightful Toggle is a lamp that is switched on and off by simply toggling it left or right! Its no-fuss and minimal design is very retro and chic. Something that suits all places and people. Adding it to my wishlist! Designer: Yonggu Do…

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Sundial – Wall Clock and Calendar Device by Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh

The Sunshine on my Wall is Informative!

The usual task of a wall clock is to indicate time and at the least, look pretty. What if we were to add laser beams, touchpad UI, WiFi, bluetooth and computer syncing? Now wouldn’t that be a rocking concept! The proposed Sundial is all of the aforementioned;  a cool device on the wall that will beam you the weather, your appointments for the day, stock markets and whatever else  you please! Designers: Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh…

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Ecopad – Tablet PC Concept by Jun-se Kim, Yonggu Do & Eunha Seo

The Power of Touch

Touch technology is more or less the best way to use a device, simply because it’s the most natural and intuitive human behavior. Banking on this theory, the designers of Ecopad have come up with a concept Tablet PC that uses no external power source to charge it. Right below the display is the nano piezoelectricity film that harnesses every touch or press on the screen, as an energy source. Designers: Jun-se Kim, Yonggu Do & Eunha Seo…

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