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Samsung WM Gaming System by Wilson Song

Intelligent Wristwatch Gaming

…just what I’d be using if it were real! The “Samsung WM” has earbuds and pen that clip intuitively into the back panel, a giant screen, and the ability to be tossed on the wrist like one of those slap-bracelets from the 1980s. The controls work with new motion-capture technology and a camera in the back to see what precisely your thumbs and feet are up to. And it’ made of gold! Or regular materials. Designer: Wonjune Song…

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Time and Memories

Wonjune Song sent us his version of how time flows like a river and memories are all that are left behind. Nice esoteric thoughts, but I dig the Memory Time Watch more for its casual looks, and the subtle way the inner mechanics are revealed. Let’s just go with the memory flow! Designer: Wonjune Song…

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Watch Diary by Wonjune Song

Timed Organizer In A Book

In the day and age where electronic gadgets double up as reminders of tasks and appointments, I applaud Wonjune Song’s bold move to go back to the basics of pen and paper and of course the trusty old watch. Watch Diary is basically a book with a clock set in the middle of the page. The “red hand” indicates the current task, the “before hand” indicates past chores and the “forward hand” indicates the upcoming ones. A simple glance at the page and…

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I Want A Baby Walker

…t around and they do seem to enjoy it. For designer Wilson Song, that wasn’t good enough. He created the Jump Baby walker that has an elastic ring to support baby in both seated and upright positions.The bouncing motion gets baby used to those two limbs beneath the bum. Baby will be walking in no time. Too bad they don’t make baby walkers for adults. Well they kinda do but adult walkers don’t look as fun. Designer: Wonjune Song…

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Extension Cord Extreme

Instead of just having power outputs on one end of an extension cord, designer Wilson Song placed them all along the cord itself. We’re not electrical engineers here at Yanko Design but we have our doubts. If a device is plugged into one output, doesn’t that prevent power from reaching the other outputs? On paper it sounds like a great idea. The cord itself can act as a flexible power strip. Designer: Wonjune Song…

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Watch Diary Table Version by Wonjune Song for Connect Design

Dear Diary on The Table

Remember the Watch Diary, yes the very one that pointed out your current chores with a bright red pointer and sheepishly reminded you of ones you missed, plus the upcoming ones? Well the hardbound diary has now been upped to a Whiteboard Cutout. You can plan your daily timetable on its face and maybe even attach pictures using the magnet. I prefer this use-and-rub version. What about you? Designed by Wonjune Song for Connect Design…

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Only One Adaptor Will Do

…digital camera, gaming console… list goes on and on. All of them are precious and are “must carry” items when traveling. Do you know how many chargers and cords that equates to let alone the weight! See, now you get my drift and this is why we need something like A Universal Adaptor, a charging hub with extensions that will fit most standard devices. Goodbye heavy individual adaptors! Designers: Wonjune Song & Youngsun Jun…

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Eye Stick For The Blind by Wonjune Song

Blind Stick With Eyes

…that make it quite a practical solution for blind commuters. The Eye Stick is fitted with a sensor lens towards the bottom part, from where it picks up location bearings, like is the person nearing a staircase, or is he near the traffic lights. It then sends feedback to the blind commuter via vibrations, communicating the scenario, so that the person can be aware of his surroundings and take his next step with confidence. Designer: Wonjune Song…

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