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Individual Spaceship by Sheng-Hung Lee

Sporty Spacecraft

Did you see that hypersonic aircraft that deteriorated mid-air this week? This concept by Sheng-Hung Lee uses similar arrowhead shape but actually looks a lot more stable! The single-person craft is the designer’s take on what ultrafast “sport” spacecraft might look like in the future. Let’s just hope the skin doesn’t fly off. Hit the jump to catch the making of the model! Designer: Sheng-Hung Lee…

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FANs Cam – Concept Camera by Sheng-Hung Lee & Chan Wai Yeh

A Different Camera Perspective

…e camera is user-safe and crafted with an exterior shell made of rubber. It is made from a lightweight and elastic clip form and the aluminium offers thermal conductivity. Energy is provided by a high-power thermoelectric chip, which generates power both from the athlete’s body and the ambient temperature. FANs Cam is a 2012 red dot award: design concept entry. Advisor: Prof. Huang Shyh-Jier Designers: Sheng-Hung Lee & Chan Wai Yeh…

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Fire Formula - Fire Extinguisher by Sheng-Hung Lee & Chen-Hua Wang

The Fire Mix!

The Fire Formula is a cool fire extinguisher where the chemicals can be mixed together on location in a jiffy. Apparently you can choose the amount of water and carbon dioxide combo that you require and douse the flame. However I like it more for its designer appeal. It looks way better than the traditional extinguishers and borders on being classy! Designers: Sheng-Hung Lee & Chen-Hua Wang…

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Condom Cap – Condom Packaging by Sheng-hung Lee, Yen-Ting Chiang & Wen-Ling Huang

It’s a Guy Thing, Shhhh!

Condom Cap is a simple packaging design that will always make you roll the darn thing ‘the right way.’ Blame it on bad lighting, the nerves or whatever; but struggling to put it on right is not how you want to get intimate. Do I hear a collective sigh of relief? Yeah, Condom Cap is your answer my loves! Designers: Yen-Ting Chiang, Sheng-hung Lee & Wen-Ling Huang…

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N. Nursing Kit by Sheng-Hong Li & You-Lin Chen

First Aid First

…part is a light source for the nursing kit therefore it can be taken apart to be used as a flashlight. (Material of lamp cover sponsored by Industrial Technology Research Institute). The Curvy Scissors The scissors are designed with a curved handle about six degrees from a flat surface. No matter which side of the scissors, the curvature makes it much easier for us to lift and fit our hands better. Designers: Sheng-hung Lee & You-Lin Chen…

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Toilet Paper Roll Redesign by Sheng-Hung Lee & Josipa Dodig

Toilet Paper With a Twist

Even if you have a toilet paper roll holder installed in your bathroom, chances are that every now and then you simply stand up your roll on some bathroom surface rather than replace the old one. Unfortunately, this means bacteria and dust can make their way to your bum! The solution? A toilet paper roll that’s easily extendable to keep the paper elevated from the surface. Designers: Sheng-Hung Lee & Josipa Dodig…

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Vmo - QR Code & Sticker Concept by Sheng-Hung Lee, Chan Wai Yeh & Prof. Ching-Hsing Luo

Voice Memo With Benefits

…market. Focus on realizing users’ dreams and let them “taste” vocal memories wherever they are, whenever they want by means of cloud service connection. Vmo is not merely an amazing product design but a whole new cloud service design strategy.” USE: Step 1: Write the info on the Vmo. Step 2: Stick Vmo on your stuff. Step 3: Record the voice and scan the code. Advisor: Prof. Ching-Hsing Luo Designers: Sheng-Hung Lee & Chan Wai Yeh…

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