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Rolling Printer by Kim Tae-Jin

Printer Is Officially Off The Desk

We are constantly looking for creative ways to get the printer off our desk and reclaim the table space that was ours in the first place. Printer dominance on the worktable is one office woe that many face even in this day and age. The Rolling Printer puts an end to the debate by being this blissful device that hangs on the wall, giving you ample space for other important stuff like a decent coffee mug. Rolling printer has one more advantage. It…

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XEOS 3D Printer by Stefan Reichert

The Personal 3D Printer is Here

The ultra-compact XEOS 3D printer integrates perfectly into smaller office spaces that lack the capacity for larger printers, CNC mills and turning lathes. The use of a new innovative printer arm inspired by a wafer robot arm reduces enclosure volume by 66% compared to the current smallest design available. Create and verify geometric forms in no time, straight from the desktop! The clean interior and transparent two window design creates a &#82…

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Instant Cartridge Printer by Yuexun Chen & Chia-Chen Hsiao

Disposable Printer

The Instant Cartridge Printer is an awesome idea modeled on the lines of how disposable cameras are dispensed. The plan is to buy a cartridge printer off the shelf, according to the paper size you plan on using. Related info like print speed, print resolution and color is provided on the packaging itself. The designers try and bring in an eco-angle by using recyclable paper for the milk-box packaging and recyclable parts. However the printer is…

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Tiko 3D Printer by Tiko 3D

3D printer that’s cheaper than an iPhone

I knew that title would grab your attention. While we’re on the subject, yes it’s true. The Tiko printer goes for $179 and apart from the highly competitive price tag, the printer boasts of a unibody design, the ability to process branded/non-branded filaments, and a new Delta technique of printing that involves the nozzle being controlled by three arms. This allows the printer to print with stunning accuracy, and faster! Print me a…

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Printer Case – A Case Printer by Eunji Jeong and Nayoung Kim

The Ultimate Mobile Printer

So how about this … your phone case also doubles up as a portable printer. I like the concept and logically speaking, we are seeing many new practical designs that support portable printer – scanners that are pint-sized. Taking it a step further and cramming it as a Smartphone cover is an eventuality. Just a matter of time! So we have it on paper now … let the drum rolls begin… Designers: Eunji Jeong and Nayoung Kim…

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The Thinkless-Inkless Printer

The Polaroid Zip Instant Mobile Printer is possibly the most direct name for a product ever; and why not? It’s exactly what it says it is. And a lot more. It’s constructed to be as small and slim as your smartphone. All you need to do is pair the two and you’ll be printing in no time. Also, with its special ZINK papers, it prints perfectly…without a single drop of ink! It’s inkless, so you can think less. No stupid…

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Oksu - Digital Data Printer by Alex Zhulin

Digital Data Printer

…not being able to hand over a tangible representation of what you’d like to share. Oksu is a digital data printer concept taps into this level of sharing by making it possible to instantly “print” a tangible copy of a song, article, link or file that can be physically shared between individuals. Hit the jump to see just how it works! No ink cartridge needed! The printer uses Z-Ink technology, where color pigments are already wit…

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Retractable Printer by Neilson Navarrete

How Big Is Your Printer?

God forbid if you are the unlucky bloke who gets to sit on a table that houses the office printer. They are a blessing and a bane, simply because they occupy so much of space. Maybe this is why concepts like the Retractable Printer are much more appealing. Imagine a sleek device that spans out according to the size of paper you are printing. Simple thought for a practical way of working in an office! Super! Designer: Neilson Navarrete…

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