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A Game for the Mentally and Dexterously Gifted

Mobius PLAY is a toy/puzzle by designers Paul Sandip and Suhasini. It challenges manual dexterity and mental concentration. The toy constitutes a continuous mobius ring having its ends permanently joined together and a dual snout magnetic roller. One has to hold the mobius ring in one hand and try to move the magnetic roller along the track. Just looking at it and trying to figure out how. . . is brain teasing me. Beautiful concept – a toy…

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FRAChair by Paul Sandip

Beauty in Destruction

This striking design has one very unusual inspiration- destruction! Designer Paul Sandip found beauty in cracked glass and translated it into this unique and imaginative piece, the FRAChair. Designer: Paul Sandip…

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Mr Chair by Paul Sandip

Invisible Chairs for Childlike Designers

…asily do such a thing, but back when it was invented, Mr Impossible really seemed impossible! Now what designer Paul Sandip wants to do and has done is a tribute chair, or set of chairs, paying homage to the great father-figure-designer. See here a chair with four legs and transparency up the wazoo, made in three iterations: imagination of a painter, curiosity of a scientist and the enigma of a magician. Note – these chairs are active. Each…

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Neon Tetra Mood Lamp by Sandip Paul and Suhasini Paul

In the Mood for Neon

…ion to bendable neon tubes can have spectacular results. I’m talking about the Neon Tetra, a mood lamp that breaks the 100 year old tradition of glass tube bending only in 2 D. Vibrant and soulfully geometric, the lamp looks Über cool in pink, blue, red, green and yellow hues. As the designers point out, “looks high tech, cold to touch & consumes lesser power compared to light bulbs.” Me wants! Designers: Paul Sandip and Suhasini Paul…

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Feeding Your Baby Just Got Easier

SPOO is a design by Paul Sandip. SPOO is an ergonomical utensil that is an answer to prayer for parents of little ones. The twisted design, which is both comfortable to use for right and left handed parents, allows you to grasp the feeding spoon without having to use any twisting movements of the wrist. The SPOO tip is soft enough for even swollen little gums. Designer: Paul Sandip…

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No more low battery blues!

The world’s first and only “blind positioning” wireless charger, the QITAH’s minimal design marries with the latest Qi technology to give you freedom from the low battery blues! Adaptable to any Qi device, it will also hold your phone at an ergonomic 40-degrees for use on your desk or 7-degrees for your nightstand or bedside table. Designer: Paul Sandip…

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Guessing Game #18

…like The Thinker. Wow I am good at riddles! In any case, here is Zero, a concept based on “something suddenly becoming more noticeable in its absentia.” The absence of the sitting surface makes this furniture piece intriguing and experimental. Crafted from thermo-setting polymer with ‘Pearlescent’ colors, the seating has been designed in collaboration with MERCK and is limited edition. Designers: Paul Sandip & Suhasini…

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Who Ate My Pencil

…ouble – bladed stainless steel pencil sharpener which effectively sharpens both thick and thin pencils. One inserts the pencil into one of the holes, and twists the pencil while holding the sharpener steady. The inbuilt blade shaves the wood and also prevents the tip from breaking. And of course it wouldn’t be special if the design wasn’t great. A satin finish that looks wonderful even rolled over on its side. Designer: Paul Sandip…

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