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Clockus – Concept Clock by Noh Ji Hun

Mathematically Timing

The deceptively cool looking Clockus is one heavy-duty brain-drain that takes off from where the IQ Clock left us. It presents you with a rudimentary math problem every hour so if you want the time, brush up on your addition, subtraction and multiplication tables. For you math geniuses, Clockus can serve up questions in the 24hr format. Oooh double digits! Designer: Noh Ji Hun…

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This Glue Won’t Stick!

A simple tweak in the body and proactive action of saving the cap, two good reasons to redesign the Glue Stick! The tear-shaped tube won’t roll off the table and the darn thing works ONLY if you latch the cap to the end. My office supply staff is going to be so happy! Designer: Noh Ji Hun…

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Feelor Touch The Color – Color Pencils For Blind Preschool Children by Noh Ji Hun

When Colors Speak For Kids

…ad out or in and is ergonomically designed for a better grasp. The idea behind the project is nice, and the designing has been kept simple and easy for small children to understand. I think blind people have heightened senses, so touching and feeling for objects comes naturally for them. However, only the research experts in this field will be able to give us a proper verdict on the Feelor’s feasibility and acceptance. Designer: Noh Ji Hun…

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