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I’m always on the look out for new design talent and many of them are coming from groups, like Monocomplex from South Korea. These four young designers are creating new ideas in the realms of product design, furniture and lighting. Their collaborative efforts have created some of the most interesting modern pieces I’ve seen. 1. Icicle Lighting by Cho Jangwon When winter comes, we can see icicles hanging. ICICLE lamp merges the functi…

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After Image Floor Lamp by Monocomplex

Illuminated Wired Mess

…a fire going out in the dead of the night, red wires in an organized chaotic fashion, wrap around the modular frame of this lamp. To quote Monocomplex, the design was inspired from the scene of mouse fire play; ‘Jui-bool-no-ri , which is one of Korea’s traditional customs. If you ask me, it’s a whole lot of wires and bulbs in a symbiotic relationship! Material: Steel & Wire Size : 1500(H) x 600(W) x 400(D) Designer: Monocomplex…

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Tack - Stool and Bench by Monocomplex

A Tack for a Beach Chair

The Tack bench and chair series by Monocomplex is a new approach to convenient beachfront seating. The sharp pointed bottom half makes it easy to place the chair in the sand while side handles allow the user to effortlessly pull the unit out. Not only is it lightweight and transportable, but the center hole makes this design stackable for quick and easy storage. Sure to make bums happy at your next beach party. Designer: Monocomplex…

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Safety Dot – Braille Indications For Staircase Handrail by Monocomplex & Hwang Jungjoon

Handrails That Speak

With their guide stick in one hand and a firm grip on the handrail, the visually challenged rely on instincts while negotiating a flight of stairs. The Safety Dot is a set of braille indents on a handrail, which makes using the stairs an easier task. I love the thoughtful intent and the simple way it can be integrated. Designers: Monocomplex & Jungjoon Hwang…

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Kinetic Robot - Metal Stationery Project by Monocomplex

Bronze Kinetic Robots

…in interactions with objects adults use. The Kinetic Robots look like bronze toys but each one performs a utilitarian function and requires simple action to work. The Lamp has a manually controlled cable winder. The Music Box works by turning the little guy’s arms and the Sharpener has a butterfly winder. Shavings are saved in the lower compartment. They are adorable! Material : bronze Size : 130(H) x 100(W) x 90(D) Designer: Monocomplex…

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Free Form Ruler

The Free Form Ruler enables you to measure the length by “drawing” an invisible line, straight or curved. The unit of measurement is displayed and can be adjusted at the top. What a brilliant idea! Where was this when I was in design school? I studied fashion design and all the straight edge and french rulers in the world probably couldn’t have given me measurements as accurate as this concept proposes. Designer: Monocomplex…

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