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Top Lighting by Minwoo Lee

Upside Down Top Light

I’m all for anything inspired by familiar fragments, like this design by Minwoo Lee. Top Lighting is an attractive pendant lamp that subtly takes the form of the traditional Korean spinning top toy. The ash wood accent connecting the electrical wire and steel shade makes a great accent that transforms an otherwise generic aesthetic into an elegant and harmonious blend of materials. Designer: Minwoo Lee…

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Alianoid Humidifier by Minwoo Lee

Beware the Steamy Robot

The adorable Alianoid is a humidifier guised as an alien robot that keeps venting steam in anger! With stubby legs and rotund demeanor, this babe from space is bound to captivate your attention. Simple controls in the form of a dial indicate the water levels and input. Please Lee, put me up in your list as prospective buyers, I so want this! Size: H510xW330xD330 Color: Black / Gray Material: Plastic Designer: Minwoo Lee…

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Bell & Bell - Salt and Pepper Shakers by Minwoo Lee

Shakin It Up

The Bell & Bell pair of salt and pepper shakers are a modern take on the classic, reminiscent of the antiquated but familiar dinner handbell. Simply twist the bottom section to line up the marks and shake away! (Just don’t expect anyone to come running at your service.) Designer: Minwoo Lee…

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Klassiker Lounge Chair by Minwoo Lee

One Handsome Chair

Inspired by the human form, the beautiful Klassiker lounge chair was designed to comfortably hug both the back and bottom of the seated person. A polished oil finish and high back make it an elegant choice for classic and contemporary rooms alike. Designer: Minwoo Lee…

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