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iPhone 5, Really!

…someplace that a curved display was in the making and attention was being given to the antenna issues. Designer Michal Bonikowski feels that the new version will be safe and predictable, simply because Apple can’t afford another failed version. In his conceptual version Michal converts glass enclosure into proven aluminum; steel frame remains as a reference to the previous version and directly to the iPad 2. Also, the key functions is converted f…

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Snowmobile Concept by Michal Bonikowski

Beasty Beauty In The Snow

Its peak summer in some countries so hopefully Michal Bonikowski’s Snowmobile concept will bring you some respite! In any case it’s awesome to see some diverse talents in Michal, who is famous for his Facebook Phones on YD. The mission with this snowmobile is pure personal pleasure; something that is a perfect marriage of excellent handling, all-terrain-vehicle and a closed cabin for the driver. Sporting an efficient electric drive it will easil…

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BlackBerry Smartphone with Microsoft Windows by Michal Bonikowski

BlackBerry with Windows?

…n foes become friends, the new relationship blossoms into something big and spectacular. Concept Smartphone pro Michal Bonikowski sent us his thoughts on a BlackBerry Smartphone hosting Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform. The design not only simplifies the BB but also makes it a more fluid interface with Windows. I like the approach but I don’t think this partnership is ever going to happen, but then, you never know! Designer: Michal Bonikowski…

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HTC & Nokia Phone Concepts by Michal Bonikowski & Rafal Pilat - Mindsailors

Multiple OS’s on a Smartphone

…t is definitely going to be more competitive in 2011 with five platforms competing for the crown, but designers Michal Bonikowski and Rafal Pilat feel there’s no need to choose just one so they’ve come up with three concepts sure to appease most of you. Project one is an HTC model that can run multiple operating system (not gonna happen) but an intriguing idea nonetheless. I’d actually go for a phone like that. Projects 2 and 3…

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HTC Facebook Phone by Michal Bonikowski

Facebook Phone Part 3

The first Facebook Phone opened up a whole lot of questions and the primary one was, why the hell is it blue! To set the record straight and to give the concept a new lease of life, Michal revisited the design with an HTC approach. Like it better? Yeah, I do; how about you? Designer: Michal Bonikowski…

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Bluephone Facebook Phone Concept by Michal Bonikowski

OMG! I Love the Blue Facebook Phone!

…al and it sports a 4.2-inch screen. The front hosts 5 – megapixel camera and an 8 – megapixel camera adorns the back. It juices up via induction charging using a dedicated dock. Of course all this is in the designer’s imagination, but who am I to complain! I can only imagine the customized hotkeys and impending chaos it will create in my online life. Yes, I await the FB Phone with eager enthusiasm! Designer: Michal Bonikowski…

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3D Stereo Camera by Michal Bonikowski

Minimalist 3D Camera is All Smiles

…ll comes to fruition and leading the initial wave are 3D cameras. The STEREOO concept gave us deja vu but this form factor and effervescent aesthetic is exactly what’ll get the general public excited about 3D. I love the minimalism and the humor of seeing a camera smiling back at you. The large display is capable of displaying 3D images and doubles as a touch interface. I want one now. Designer: Designer: Michal Bonikowski from MINDSAILORS…

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Cityline - Public Transportation Concept by Rafal Pilat & Michal Bonikowski

A Bus Can Be Sexy

…eles, I will hop on the bus any chance I can get! I’m sure if the LA Metro looked anything like the Cityline concept others would be more inclined to use what I like to refer to as- my “public chauffeur”. The daytime LEDs add to it’s futuristic look, and I particularly love the way the windows merge seamlessly with the exterior panels and roof to create a smooth silhouette.  Designers: Rafal Pilat & Michal Bonikowski…

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