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Samsung Galaxy 6 Concept Design Smartphone by Kyuho Song

Ready for the Samsung Galaxy 6?

The latest kid on the block is the Samsung Galaxy 6 concept phone. Its super simple and super thin, quite the candidate for #Bendgate … who knows! The design includes a high-performance speaker on the back and is crafted with durable metal material. Designer: Kyuho Song…

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Bio Clean – Home Cleaner That Uses Bio Waste by Kyuho Song

Bio Burp!

…io-wastes to energy and uses that power for it’s functioning. Let me explain, we generate a lot of kitchen waste that can be converted to bio-fuel, however majority of us skip this process because we don’t know how to do it. Using this premise, the Bio Clean was designed to convert waste to bio-fuel and operate as a cleaner. The details are sketchy but the logic is sound. I’m curious to see how this idea shapes up. Designer: Kyuho Song…

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Personal Humidity

The Straw Humidifier brings us a step closer to personalized humidity control. The concept is based on the norm that a clean personal humidifier should be available for us anytime, anywhere. The device requires just the basics, a straw and the humidifier attachment. Combine the two and you are ready to get going! Designer: Kyuho Song…

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This S8 looks like a galactic space-rock!

…the home button in their next iteration of the Galaxy flagship series. However, this conceptual design by Song Kyuho retains both of them. It does however put a dual camera on the back of the phone, so as to compete with brands like LG, Apple and Huawei. The aesthetic of the S8 concept is a lot like Samsung’s older phones. Soft curves and elegantly executed radii are reminiscent of Samsung’s older plastic body days, but when executed…

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Handy, eye-candy, phone-standy

…s’ lives by including one of them in every smartphone box. I’m talking about this stand designed by Kyuho, Juan, Joongu & Found/Founded. Designed to be flat when folded, but a rather elegant and portable charging solution when opened out, the stand folds out to become a nifty phone charging and display dock as well as a smartwatch charging/display dock. Made to be as handy and as portable as the phones and chargers themselves, th…

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Samsung BUD – Home Theatre Speakers Concept by Kyuho Song

Guessing Game Revisited

What is this? Hmm yes it’s a Samsung Concept…. Any guesses? Oh yeah! You got it – it’s a concept home theater design! Strategically called ‘Morphological buds’, they lend flair of sophistication to the system. Neat! Designer: Kyuho Song…

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Secret Illusion V.2 - Curved Television by Kyuho Song

The Bend is Back

…is architecturally-inspired for a better blend to interiors with its subtle bend & less obtrusive, near seamless base. Experientially, it offers an enhanced audio/visual experience that aims to replicate the way our rounded eyes naturally view the world around us with peripheral vision. This includes greater edge sharpness, a wider field of view & increased depth for a truly immersive home entertainment experience. Designer: Kyuho Song…

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Comfort Cast – Fracture Cast by Kyuho Song

Facebook Your Broken Wings

…l message on the cast. But this is 2013 right! With the Comfort Cast you toss out the old and ring in the new! This cast integrates a social networking feature that allows family, friends and doctors to communicate in an innovative way. In the medical aspect of things, the air pressure of the plaster is adjusted by monitoring the state of the recovering arm and a fixed plastic cast is available to fit a variety of arm sizes. Designer: Kyuho Song…

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