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Mobile Hospital by Kukil Han

Anytime, Anywhere Deliverable Hospital

Designer Kukil Han imagines a go-anywhere solution for providing aid to victims of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, tsunamis and storms. The Mobile Hospital could be delivered to any part of the world (including hard to reach areas) in a matter of hours via helicopter, or be transported on a larger scale by ship, providing emergency medical attention to those in need. This thoughtful design can also be customized to provide support…

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Poop Picker Leash

A clever twist in the leash design and here we have the Doggy Poop Collector! The poop scoop is integrated into the handle of the leash. Once the poop-job is done, you just swing it out and clean up the mess in a jiffy. Doing the obvious in a very discreet way! Love it! Designers: Kukil Han & Min-sung Kim…

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Bike Guide – Electric Car and Cycle Tours for Seoul by Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim & Jihwan Yun

Cycle Tours Are Good!

…ectric bus comes with removable cycles and includes navigational gadgets with places of interest strapped on to each bike. So when you reach a tourist spot, you can simple disembark with your bike, and explore the spot by yourself. The navi-gadget helps you get around and brings you back to the bus stop. I think it’s a fun way to explore a city! Designers: Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim & Jihwan Yun BIKE GUIDE from Kukil Han on Vimeo….

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WaterStation – Water Purifier Concept by Kukil Han

Community Water Bottles

The WaterStation is a refreshing new take on water filters that we find at food courts and supermarkets. Generally the dispensing machine allows you take water by the glasses. This new redesign includes water bottles that you can take to your table, use and then dock it back for refilling. If nothing else, this new idea will save me countless trips to the water filter and make food courts a better experience. Designer: Kukil Han…

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Braille Tape by Kukil Han, Yongju Kwak, Young-Seok Kim & Dongbin Shin

Braille by Hand

I’m sure you recollect seeing Braille staplers and dispensers here on YD. What we have today is the Braille Tape; I think it’s the simplest and most functional of them all. It’s just a sticky tape with parallel dots that you can hand punch to write a Braille message. Label bottles or mark out the danger zone, do it in a jiffy. Designers: Kukil Han, Yongju Kwak, Young-Seok Kim & Dongbin Shin…

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Hot Pebbles for Cold Fish

…y of the grill is flexible and easy to clean. Small so it’s portable, suited to indoor or outdoor use. It produces no harmful by-products, and is easy to operate. The pebble for activation and temperature also lights the rest of the pebbles showing that the heat is activated. Once the grilling is done, just give the control pebble a “tug” -and it’s done! Designers: Yongju Kwak, Dongbin Shin, Kukil Han & Young-Seok Kim…

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Drinking The Music – Cup Shaped Music Player by Kukil Han

Rhythm in a Cup

There was an era in Indian television (somewhere in the 80’s) that for fillers between two programs they used to play the Jal Tarang. Fascinating ceramic bowls filled with water that produces the most profound music! A look at the Drinking The Music concept and I’m reminded of that era. Although oriental teacups inspire this concept, I can see the connection between water and music. Can you? Designer: Kukil Han…

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