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Use Your Water Twice

…water for a toilet system half-ways to nature friendly. You simply must read this little poem written about this toilet system by it’s designer, Jang Woo-seok: Express the flow of water. General water, the blue pipes. Green pipes, water reuse Fresh, yes? Jang gets the idea for the Eco Bath from the naturally flowing waterways all around us. Naturally moving, naturally cleaning. Tagged “Green”, naturally. Designer: Jang Woo-seok…

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Brush Mouse by Jang Woo-seok

The Barely-There Brush Mouse

…twist on the classic smooth-top peripheral device. Unlike the continuous surface of the regular mouse, the pegged design keeps hands from getting sticky and hot. The ergonomic solution also prevents hand fatigue by distributing pressure evenly and giving the hand a mini-massage as it moves! With less material, it’s also thinner, lighter and easier to keep clean. See both prototypes in action after the jump —> Designer: Jang Woo-seok…

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Eco Toilet by Jang Woo-seok

Double Flush for Green Power

Eco Toilet gives you the option of using recycled washbasin water and regular fresh water for flushing. The water tank is divided into two segments and the recycle section further has an LED indicator on it. When it’s full and ready for use, the light glows green, otherwise just do your business with the regular flush. Simple as that! Designer: Jang Woo-seok…

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Biker Chair by Jang Woo-seok

Moto Chair

Just when you had gotten used to straddling the motorcycle seat- now you’ve gotta switch to sitting in a big comfy chair!? What a pain in the ass! OK – so that’s not an actual problem… but if it was this would be the solution! More aesthetically charming than practical, the Biker Chair reinterprets the seating position on a bike to a woven leather chair that’s sure to be a conversation starter. Designer: Jang Woo-seok…

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Lay One on Obama!

You know you’ve thought about laying one on the Prez! All that power, his swagger, those moves… who could resist?! From the creator of the kissable coffee mug comes one dedicated to our handsome US Prezzie, Barack Obama! Now, every morning, you can lay one on Obama as a thank you for all his hard work! Just don’t tell Michelle. Designer: Jang Woo-Seok…

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That’s one steamy kiss!

…xcept you enjoy your little drink more than you’d imagine! *wink wink* The Polystyrene cup lid comes in a unisex lip shape (nose included) and will be available at B2B Cafe outlets in Korea, so I’m sorry, rest of the world, you’re going to have to try a bit harder to get the real deal! Also a bit of advice for the Koreans, if a really tasty coffee makes you moan, maybe you should opt for a Pepsi instead! Designer: Jang Woo-Seok…

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