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Pet’s View – Camera for Pets by Jaehwa Lee

What Did Your Pet See Today?

…car tire or was it the tabby that scratched your new linen sofa? To answer these and many more questions we have the Pet’s View concept. It’s not entirely a new idea for a pet’s perspective camera, however I like it for plug and play USB integration. It will be interesting to monitor and catalogue what your pet has been up to all day (or night) especially when its gone forever…. leaving behind just these truth-tapes. Designer: Jaehwa Lee…

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Coolrunnings – Twister Water Cooling System for Individual Bottles by Jaehwa Lee

Twisted Cold Water

…elow the bottle cap. Convection current is faster and because of the twister-like groove it resists more strongly against water than slotted grooves. Water gets cool when shaken because the cooling-pin located in the center accelerates convection. The cap is made of rubber and prevents water from leaking out of the bottle. As the condenser is grooved like a twister, water is affected by the cooling-pin turning more smoothly. Designer: Jaehwa Lee…

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Bouquet of Lights

…A very close call on the illuminated incense sticks, the Callar wins grace for being the ideal representation of illuminated flower stems. A bunch of these would work wonders on any angry spouse or girlfriend, plus they’d make good mood lighting. The clever thing is that they are without wires and portable; they recharge via a base station. Warm and exuding love, I’d take home a bunch of these for next Valentines’! Designer: Jaehwa Lee…

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Air Container Scooter for Deep Sea Divers by Jaehwa Lee

Scooter in the Sea

…nderwater ride smoother and enjoyable. With a heavy oxygen tank on the back and both hands occupied with the propeller, a pleasure dive can become quite tedious. Air Container integrates both the functions, giving the diver free hands to take pictures and explore the ocean with ease. Remote controls on the gloves make operations easy. I have only one deep-sea dive to my credit, but next one will definitely be with a scooter! Designer: Jaehwa Lee…

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Embracing Warmth – Hand Warmer by Jaehwa Lee

The Emperor’s Embrace

Embracing Warmth hand warmer is inspired by the maternal instincts of an Emperor Penguin towards its hatchlings. The warmer is an easy egg that radiates sufficient heat to keep your hands warm sans gloves. A general feel-good portable thang for winters, the idea is very akin to warming your hands around a cuppa hot soup! Love it! Designer: Jaehwa Lee…

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