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Cinna Lamp by Francois Rybarczyk

A Lamp for Sleeping Lovers

Avoiding having a grumpy lover is the inspiration behind designer Francois Rybarczyk’s Cinna lamp! The lamp was designed to be used when you’re reading in bed while your significant other is trying to catch some Zzzzzs. The opaque shell twists to reveal an adjustable, subtle glow emitted from below that won’t disturb. Gotta love the combination of ceramic and cork materials together! Designer: Francois Rybarczyk…

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Juice up – iPhone Guard and Power Sharing Cable for Battery Backup by Francois Rybarczyk

Backup Powered iPhone Frame

Love the Juice up concept by Francois Rybarczyk, a simple yet functional design that rescues you from situations where your Smartphone battery is dying on you and you have no easy access to a power point. Juice up, is a work around for power sharing; the frame features a cable which can transfer battery life from one phone to another. Juice up is still at a concept stage and needs some electrical engineering, to be viable. Designer: Francois Ryb…

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Constantly Upgraded Smartphone

…pple introduced two new iPhones barely months apart. Its human nature to want the newer product, hence designer Francois Rybarczyk has a good solution for this: the XTRUD Concept Phone. One part supports all the components, and features a very simple aluminum or plastic profile. The architecture allows the users to easily replace the phone components, (for example changing the original camera module for the new Sony one), but it also allows the u…

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Direct Power

…ll be to directly plug-in the phone to the wall socket, negating the use of any cables. Alternatively, you can detach the specialized module, tank it up and then hook it back to the phone and transfer the juice. This ways you get the freedom to use the phone whilst charging the extra ammo. I love the magnesium unibody frame designed for this, and of course the practical solution for charging. Ideal for travelers too! Designer: Francois Rybarczyk…

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Radio - Portable X-Ray Machine by Francois Rybarczyk

XRays To-Go

…ong during a stay at the emergency room, the Radio portable x-ray was imagined as a way to cut back on time spent in the radiology process. The device uses the same dental imaging technology that exists currently and incorporates it into a compact, portable unit that can detect broken bones or other abnormalities. Radiologists can instantly read the screen or print radiographs via from the unit’s charging dock. Designer: Francois Rybarczyk…

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Yanko Design Top 50 – Best of 2013

…Drop Rest – Mug by Kim Keun Ae 19) Juice up – iPhone Guard and Power Sharing Cable for Battery Backup by Francois Rybarczyk 18 ) PocketBands – Secret Compartment Wristband 17) GIGS.2.GO – Sharable, Disposable USB Flashdrive by Kurt Rampton and BOLTgroup 16) Saddle Lock – Bicycle Lock by Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho & Yeo Min Gu 15) Apple iWatch Concept by James Ivaldi 14) Modular Power Strip Concept by William Harris 13) Moyee &#8211…

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