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iPhone 5 Concept by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio

iPhone LiquidMetal Orgasm

I love Antoine Brieux’s enthusiasm and his perception of the next-gen iPhone. Rumors about the use of LiquidMetal’s alloy and how durable yet liquid the overall experience will be, has got me excited (what can I say…. I’m a fangirl!). For the moment this iPhone 5 LM Concept fills the gap, with its virtual ‘Home Button’ replacing the physical one. Utopian specs whet our appetite while Jony Ive and his team keep the real deal under wraps. Designer…

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iPhone 5 Concept by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio

Yet Another iPhone 5 Concept

…, 6 is rumored to have inductive charging, sleek compact body and 3.7” screen, amongst other things. So tell me Antoine Brieux, do you think your vision of the 5, sans LED Panel, stereo jack moved to the top of the phone, single aluminum anodized body with several color options, hold a candle to these rumors? Get back to the drawing board my man, and let’s see what iPhone 6 looks to you! BTW, your version for iPhone 5 is just perfect! Designer: A…

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This Time it’s an HTC with a Cartridge

Antoine Brieux has an HTC fixation and I totally support his fascination. His HTC Tube concept is a killer as far design and specs go. It’s basically about splitting the phone into two segments, an outer shell and the inner cartridge. What this means is three variations (8, 16 & 64GB) are symmetric, but when it comes to the tech specs, it all depends upon the cartridge fitted. Feast on the beauty while I pray that HTC has a big enough heart…

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iPhone 6 Concept by Antoine Brieux for NAK Studio

Forget iPhone 5, It’s Time For iPhone 6!

…ate in the game. The stakes have moved up to the iPhone 6, a concept where the home button is moved to the left side of the phone (used with the thumb), leaving a huge screen space for one to enjoy. In this mockup, Antoine uses ergonomic grip quite cleverly and formulates it with dimensions 125 mm x 63 mm with a 4.9-inch screen. For a first round of concepts, it looks interesting enough, what do you think? Designer: Antoine Brieux for NAK Studio…

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HTC HDD Cell Phone With Multi OS by Antoine Brieux

The Surreal HTC!

…ports more than one operating systems through the unique “smart software” platform. This means you can choose your OS, get bored with and then hook up to the software and choose another! Details like contacts, photos etc, get saved and are automatically transferred to the new platform. Besides this, customizable hard buttons, sound and screen optimization and advanced digital experience, are just some of the perks. Designer: Antoine Brieux…

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Most Buzzed Designs of May 2012

…on | 8651 Hits 6) 0 Point Ruler by Chul Sung Ahn, Chang Dae Jeon, Da Hye Lee & Hee Chul Kwak | 9740 Hits 5) Circle – A Continuous Printer by Yang Jae Wook | 9983 Hits 4) Corner Ladder by Company & Company Design Studio | 10395 Hits 3) E-Board (Easy Board) Ironing Board by Mohsen Jafari Malek | 16937 Hits 2) Ö Case – iPhone Case by Löytö Esineiden | 17455 Hits 1) iPhone 5 Concept by Antoine Brieux of NAK Studio | 26731 Hits…

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Ten Amazing Cellphone Concepts on Yanko Design

…them all; it features three flexible AMOLED touchscreens and a keyboard on the reverse. Superb! 2) HTC Tube by Antoine Brieux HTC Tube features a basic outer phone shell that can be supported with variable inner cartridges. What this means is three alternatives (8, 16 & 64GB) are symmetric, but when it comes to the tech specs, it all depends upon the cartridge fitted. 1) BIO Flip Phone by Miyazawa Tetsu & Ichimura Shigenori The cool a fl…

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