The Smartypants Hybrid-energy Phone


Can’t get away from wires? Then get away from plugging-in all together! Delta V is the first energy-independent smartphone concept, based on revolutionary solar energy, piezoelectricity and triboelectricity technologies. A film under each of these techs converts even the slightest vibrations and movements into power for the phone’s functions so that no charger is needed. The films are distinguished from their slightly different texture: beginning from the glossy photovoltaic to the rougher triboelectric film. Touching the back of the housing, the user can understand the different textures of the 3 films. Tapping the piezoelectric and rubbing the triboelectric film, the user can produce the necessary charging energy for the phone, always in conjuction with the energy produced by the photovoltaic panel. This is actually a feeling game for the user, playing with materials and producing energy!

Designer: Niki Danai Chania








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