Keep On Running

The Wheel is a dynamic washing machine concept that works like a treadmill and uses human kinetic power. Combining health with purpose is a great combination and perhaps the biggest USP of this project. As a crossover between a gym bike and a washing machine, the setup is ideal to ensure that we stick to our exercise routine. In short – no running, no clean clothes – sort of!


  • The power generated from the spinning can be used to wash clothes and the unused power can be saved and used as electricity in the future.
  • The washing balls inside shorten the washing time and save the amount of water used in the process.
  • The saved energy can be used when there is no one around or the only person who can run the machine is a kid or an elder.
  • The normal plug in and flexible display system inside the wheel provides let’s the user to experience better riding experience.

The Wheel is a 2014 Electrolux Design Lab entry.

Designer: Si Hyeong Ryu

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