Switch It Up

Pump up the jam with the Switch Portable Bluetooth Speaker
and Professional Conference Call device. The goodies don’t end here; the thang is also a mobile phone charger! Moreover it is a 3-way speaker that easily pairs wirelessly to Bluetooth devices. Using a full-duplex microphone system, you get clarity of voice. Design-wise I just think it’s clever to shape it like a Lego brick!

  • Switch features an intuitive volume wheel, inspired by the hi-fi audio systems.
  • It is powered by three speakers, ensuring optimal sound quality from over 30 feet away from your Bluetooth devices
  • It features a battery (1800mAh) that acts as a portable phone charger to charge your USB mobile devices.
  • It can effortlessly alternate between music and calls for up to 14 hours at a time.
  • Designed to be used vertically or horizontally

Designer: Native Union

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