World’s First Digital Camera With Retro Shooting Ability

The Sun and Cloud Self-Generating Digital Camera is one of those gadgets that you can’t give a miss. With the ability to shoot both videos and stills, the ‘sun & cloud’ holds the distinction of being the world’s first self-generating digicam equipped with a solar panel and a hand crank. This means you can charge it via solar energy, kinetic energy or the plain old USB route.

The camera features a 3.0 megapixel CMOS sensor is capable of capturing images in three different modes – normal (150cm range), portrait (60 ~ 150cm range), and even macro (25 ~ 35cm range). In the video mode, the camera records at up-to 30 FPS and integrates a built-in mic for audio. The specs include an LCD screen for reviewing photos, high-powered LED flash, ISO range of 100 to 800, SD or SDHC memory cards of 2GB and 16GB capacities.

The Sun and Cloud Self-Generating Digital Camera is now available on AC Gears, you can opt for the black or the white version.

Available: AC Gears [ Buy it Here ]


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