On My Windowsill

… lies a lot of dust, especially in-between the rail tracks for the window. I do my best to keep the dust and debris away, however the combination of vacuuming the track and brushing out the debris doesn’t help. I also require a low maintenance herb to grow on my windowsill, and this is how I will tackle both these aspects.

Cleaner Robot by Chae Young Sam & Jeong Ming Yeong is this beautifully designed vacuum with brush that dedicatedly cleans up the rail tracks of the sliding windows. The robotic device even features a built-in UV lamp for sterilization and recharges using solar power.

Plan’t – Solar Energy Garden by Min Soon Kim is a hydroponic cultivating machine that can be used in apartments to grow vegetables right on your window. The device harnesses solar energy and then uses it to power a mild LED mood lamp for the night and also for the times when the sun doesn’t shine so much for the plant.

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