Super Golf Trolley

I am not a golfer but been raised by golf enthusiasts who took me to the golf course at every given chance. So I understand the sacredness of a golf clubs, the caddy and even the golf bag! I’d like to dedicate this Tour Caddie – ProPod Golf Trolley to all the times I misunderstood ‘birdie’, ‘Calcutta’ and ‘eagle’. This unique monocoque motorized carry pod has been specifically designed for Mike Powell Design and features some great innovations.

Propod is an all-weather all in one golf solution that features a battery powered pod incorporating three lightweight modules for transportation, easy handling and simple assembly ready for the course.


  • The effortless progressive steering is achieved by the unique joystick controller.
  • The built in control panel and GPS range finder all help let the player concentrate on their game.
  • The pod includes weather sealed storage compartments, an insulated drinks compartment compartments and a wheel cleaning system.
  • You can personalize the Propod with a range of color and trim options.

Designer: AME Design

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