Ultimate In Ironing

The Dyson Calor’shocks revisits ironing clothes by using heat and ultrasound to ease out the wrinkles. Ironing is basically a chore no one likes to do and unless you’re the crisp-white-shirt types, we try and cut corners just to get it over and done with. This new concept of ultrasound mat and iron, hopes to make the job easy by kinda self-doing the ironing with little pressure. I’m eager to see this develop into something concrete, because I sue can do without laundry chores!

Designer: Stéphane Pietroiusti


  • Samantha says:

    It would appear that we are nation that doesn’t like doing anything but sit on our fat a_ _ es watching electronics and stuffing our faces.

  • TAB says:

    I do like the very beautiful concept, however I must say that the shape of the ironing “carpet” wouldn’t be suitable for numerous items of clothing that require the pointed end of the current ironing board design.

    Would it be financially viable for your average user where the current irons are cheap?

    The stresses placed on the body for a ironing professional after several hours of lifting and dragging the heavy iron back and forth, do make a potentially lighter iron interesting.

    Will the carpet insulate against damage to (for example) a delicate, polished table underneath?

    You can’t see the graphic representation of heat, when the clothing is on top of it, so what is the point of having this?

    Is the entire surface heated? If so, this is a waste of energy, no? 300mm*2000mm is enormous! Not to mention this acting as a heater for a small room – horrible in Summer. If this carpet is reaching temperatures of approximately 220°, this has suddenly become an enormous hot plate, just waiting for someone to burn themselves on (especially children).

    Why is the ultrasonic aspect not incorporated into the carpet as well as the heat, further reducing the weight of the iron? Would this ultrasonic motion have a negative effect on the user’s hand and arm after long term use?

    Why isn’t the design available for left and right handed users?

    Couldn’t the heat production be intelligently localised at the point of near-contact between the iron and the carpet through the use of sensors?

    I found the design very beautiful and very interesting. I hope you don’t take offence to my comments. I’m sure that many of these points are covered but have not been shown in your display boards. I would be interested to know your responses to my points.

  • TAB said what I was thinking. Heating the entire mat sounds very inefficient. If only the area of the mat would be heated as necessary by contact of the iron.

  • The ironing surface acts as an induction heater. This is similar to induction hobs you find in professional kitchens. Those hobs work by transferring energy into the (iron metal) pans using electromagnets. This causes the pans to heat up, whilst the hob remains cool to the touch. In the case of the iron here, as the surface acts as a large induction hob, the energy is transferred into the iron, heating it’s contact surface up rapidly. This gives the effect of having just the iron itself heated (like normal) but without wires etc. A similar idea to what you suggested with the intelligent sensors; localised heating, but without the associated complex circuitry.

    It’s a smart system but not clear from the portfolio (the small ‘magnetic induction’ symbol on the penultimate page).

    Also this system could simultaneously be used to wirelessly charge the batteries of the ultrasound circuit in the iron during use. Not sure if the designer explored this area or chose to omit it for the condensed portfolio. Either way, a really nice product

  • Murat says:

    Great design and beautiful presentation. Still I agree with the above comments and I don’t think it can replace the ordinary ironing systems.

  • cannedheat says:

    i’d be happy if someone could just design an ironing board that doesn’t make that horrible screeeeeetch sound every time its opened or closed

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