What if Dyson Made Bikes?

Inspired by Dyson’s Air Multipliers, the Dyke bike (I’m serious) works on the same principles. Air flows through the bronze hollow cylinder creating an entrainment. The air is pulled, amplified by 1000000X, to pushed the bike upwards (stability) and forward (speed), all powered by electricity. The design is styled with an “air”odynamic in mind – sexy with a provocative elegance and unique ergonomics.

Designer: Imran Othman


  • RedScourge says:

    When you die from inevitably crashing this thing while showing off, at least you’ll die in style.

  • daniel says:

    The word ‘Dyke’ spelled that way, is defamatory word for a lesbian. I really would re-consider naming it something else.

  • Zac says:

    the design’s unique… the name of the bike is even genius! haha

  • MDesigns says:

    Interesting and original idea. I think the renderings do not do justice to the concept yet. You’d also need to read up on the Dyson air multiplier system. It by itself cannot multiply air without electrical power.
    If this is the first “Dyson” bike. Props to you.

  • stephen russell says:

    Hey Victory motorbikes -Build this, awesome.
    Need some governors for speed control, otherwise Awesome ride.
    Need 2 seater model.

  • daley says:

    Wow! fantastic design! keep it coming!

  • Giuseppe says:

    my kind of bike! stylish, radical and new!

  • Long Tran says:

    Just wanted to step in and explain we normally reject anything that is degrading or defamatory in nature. However, about half our audience do not speak English as their primary language and the term “dyke” doesn’t have the same historical or cultural reference to them – such is the case with this designer.

  • anthony designstein says:

    does this dyson bike have sex with other dyson bikes?

  • Ole Gus says:

    Very cute, but only as a design exercise. I’ve never understood the separation of design and technology. Sure, the demand for something unusual can inspire the technology, but this bike is impossible from the ground up.

  • RightSaidFred says:

    This is one sexy sh!t! Love it!

  • som yong gui says:

    it must absolutely munch through carpet though

  • Sam says:

    I thought that Dyke means some sort of levee or water wall.


    Nice design, yet can use a front wheel for improving sales

  • MG says:

    That’s new, its rare to see something that’s isn’t a carbon copy if it came out from Asia

  • Somebody... says:

    Yes…Sure, I’m also not a English user…But the bike also need to consider the place she will be promoted and sold…………

  • Mlistko says:

    Fantastic!Inspiring work…. thanks!!

  • WoW! Beautiful and impresionant!!

  • Dave says:

    Lovely design on the bike(Actually with one wheel does that make it an ike… or mike?). But the technology it’s based on, the Dyson “Air Multiplier”, is seriously dubious stuff, especially for transportation purposes where overall weight is a critical factor. It takes high efficiency motors then throws that efficiency away by forcing the airflow through ducting at high pressure. By focusing on entrainment and inducement it manages to look different, but at the cost of the efficiency of modern props and blades which can also be designed to reap the gains without the overheads of going “bladeless” (Dyson really only hides the blades in the base of their fans.)

    I know its not as sexy, but practically speaking (and overcoming all other hurdles) the bike would be better served by a turbine or ducted fan setup. And believe me, if anything powered by a ducted fan appears in my rear vision mirror… I’ll be paying attention, it doesn’t need the multiplier tech to make it ‘pop’.

    Great design though, looks mint… I just wish it could fly properly.

  • kev says:

    love the name lol

  • Jon says:

    Where can I get one?? Beautiful bike.

  • Jon says:

    The issue with blades on a bike though would be the same as an aircraft. Protecting those blades from damage on roads and highways would be damn near impossible. It’s hard enough as it is keeping aircraft blades in good working conditions, and tarmacs are much cleaner than our roads.

  • lmwodo says:

    a true issue that I see with this is decelerating and stopping…inevitably if both are not done correctly this bike crashes itself nose first

  • Lepton says:

    once you’ve done with deceleration, how do you park that …thing ?

    as for braking, I can’t believe people still “design” vehicles and work that much on aspect without having the slightest idea about the most obvious and basic features of the object. c’mon, even an 8yo can do that

  • Jericho says:

    Wow.. this is the future of motor racing!
    Clean, Green and the next Big thing!
    Unique and Inspiring!

  • Matias says:

    Where are the brakes? :)

  • Joel M. Barr says:

    Can I just jump in where you left off?

    If we’re talking about multiplying air flow 10^10 as it’s stated in the description (I know – it’s concept) how do you control the angle of the pitch of the bike forward so that the optimum amount of air for propelling the rider forward is gained? Do I lean back so that it takes in less air (a la, changing the angle by which the fan can have exposure to the air it’s accelerating? Or is it a true vacuum meaning it takes in air omni-directional and therefore it’s the throttle that lessens the speed?

    Also – how does one brake? Also – would there be servo motors that would prevent the bike from going too far forward on the tilt axis? If not, one hot shot rider is going over the handlebars leaning too far forward…this reminds me of a 4 wheeled vehicle Segway was trying out a few years ago, actually…

    Where’s a repulsorlift engine when one needs it?

  • Venetta says:

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    DYKEBIKE -howls of derisive lafter, New Bruce.

    But here’s the thing… there is a Dyson Bike, (-and they are a very litigious lot, apparently…….)

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