Stop That Door!

Hand Door Stopper is a clever way to pull down the doorstopper without having to bend over or using your foot. The stopping mechanism is integrated into the handle itself and is very convenient. Moreover the angle of the door handle will always make you aware that the stopper has been activated. So no accidental door-pushing! Simple and functional, just the way we like it.

Hand Door Stopper is a 2011 Sparks Award winning entry.

Designers: Yu-Jin Kim, Jong-Chan Mun, Joon-Ki Park & Eun-Ji Yoo

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  • Jade Doel says:

    I think this is a great concept, but it was delivered in a very confusing fashion. I didn’t understand it until 2mins of reading and looking at the first images trying to decipher what I was looking at. It wasn’t until image three that I knew what was going on.

    Amazing concept non the less. Great work!

  • Ray says:

    Does it double as a lock as well?

  • SShiverBBrains says:

    Wouldn’t the door to a stop whenever someone turned the knob too far? You could seriously break your nose if you’re in a hurry.

    How about the doorstop works when you turn the handle up/counterclockwise?

  • WZhangID says:

    Interesting idea, I wonder how the door prep looks?

  • That is the most brilliant invention I’ve seen in 2 years reading Yanko. Superb.

  • WZhangID says:

    SShiverBBrains says

    Wouldn’t the door to a stop whenever someone turned the knob too far? You could seriously break your nose if you’re in a hurry.

    How about the doorstop works when you turn the handle up/counterclockwise?

    This is a good point, I think it is natural to turn a lever as far as it will go when you open a door. I like the idea of it working when you turn the handle the opposite direction.

    Also, I don’t agree that the easiest rotation amount is 70 degrees, ergonomic latch designs are usually short throw and under 30 degrees.

  • Frank H says:

    Great concept. Maybe if the handle gave some sort of extra resistance as the door stop started to function it would keep people from turning it to far. Basically you could tell by the feel of the handle if you where at the door opening stage or the stopper stage.

  • yoyoE says:

    The basic idea of this is good but the implementation is horrible. There is already a much smarter construction used in practically every window and balcony-door, at least here in sweden. It must be over 30 years old.

    1. Door is closed, handle is vertical -> Door is closed as usual with bolt.
    2. Handle is lifted up -> Door can be opened and closed as usual.
    3. Door is open, handle is vertical -> Door can not be moved.

    So basically the handle has two states – Door can move or door can not move. If it is open or closed doesn’t matter, awesome for windows as you often want to leave them open without being affected by the wind. The handle does not spring back by itself so you have to pull it down to lock it.

    It’s implemeted by an arm at the top that is used as a “brake”. When the handle is pushed down something is squeezing against the arm preventing the door from moving. Because of this it is also possible to move the door even if it is locked if you push it with enough force, preventing the broken nose someone was afraid of. It also doesn’t require any floor as the arm is attached into the window-frame itself.

  • alishailin says:

    so cool !!!!

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  • aakash says:

    Can anyone tell me where to get this from.. need about 2500 pcs of this

  • Pepe says:

    Turning the lever down as far as it goes follows the natural habit we have with doors. Stopping should be achieved with an upward turn. Turn downwards to open, turn upwards to open and stop. This means that someone has to open the door turning handle downwards and then if he/she decides to stop the door, then they pull it back all the way up. So, two separate motions there. But still better than stopping it inadvertently…

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