Friday Giveaway: Win The $245 Carga Bag 02

Long Tran (LT) gave us an in-depth review on the Carga Bags and it turns out his bag was the scene stealer at most occasions. The question is: do you want to be in the limelight as well? Apparently LT carried his iPhone, wallet, checkbook, pen, pencil, graph paper, Nintendo DS, Nikon D40, Sigma 30mm lens, Nikkor 55mm lens, laptop and a book in his bag. If you want to win this super exclusive bag, tell us FIVE things you would carry in your Carga 02!

More on Carga Bags:

Carga (which means “load or to carry” in Spanish) is an alternative Argentinean bag brand which has fused sleek, contemporary, architectural design with unique materials to deliver a wearable yet stylish product.

Carga 02 Messenger Features:

  • industrial wool felt
  • aluminum rivets
  • distressed leather strap
  • serial numbered
  • die-cut handle
  • internal leather pocket
  • key hook

CARGA’s architectural design style is heavily influenced by construction techniques using fabrics and hardware parts. No visible branding can be seen apart from a steel disc embossed with a unique serial number. Each bag is constructed out of industrial felt secured by aluminum rivets.

Carga Bags are available at the YD Store

Contest Closes: 11th April, 11:59 pm PST Contest Closed

Friday Giveaway: Win The Carga Bag 02



  • Stacy says:

    1. iPhone
    2. Laptop
    3. Camera
    4. Keys
    5. Flying Umbrella

  • Alwyn says:

    1. iPod touch
    2. Moleskine organizer
    3. Pair of shades
    4. Olympus digital camera
    5. Compact umbrella

  • Kenny says:

    1) Zune (Zune lovers unite!)
    2) College Books (BMGT & ACCT, only 2 quarters left)
    3) Netbook (Asus + AMD Neo)
    4) Camera
    5) Misc (shades, lotion, keys, phone, notepad, etc)

  • Seth says:

    1-passport (seems like the last minute international travel bag)
    2-chopsticks in their own felt case (I don’t want to seem like an asiaphile, but I hate the unnecessary harvesting of trees for throw away sticks)
    3-My Gingher Scissors (why not)
    4-My city centric Moleskine (It’s is always good to have a map even if it isn’t for the right city)
    5-A Staedtler Mechanical Pencil (pens don’t work in every situation)

  • Sharon says:

    1. Fruits (sliced apples, oranges, clementines, bananas, etc.)
    2. More fruits (because I like to eat constantly)
    3. Water bottle
    4. Gum or mints
    5. Wallet

  • Stuart says:

    1)0.7mm Felt Tip
    2)0.5mm Pacer
    3)120 page, 80gsm Notebook
    4)Laptop and periphery
    5)Nokia E63

  • 1) Current guerilla knitting project, to be knitted in public with yarn exploding forth from said bag
    2) Polaroid 430 Land Camera for documenting my process + the knit piece’s urban installation
    3) Plustek OpticSlim Portable Scanner for importing Polaroid photographs
    4) MacBook Pro to instantly blog from site-specific location
    5) Red Bull

    Note: Spinhandspun (my fiber arts blog) did a post about industrial felt designs featuring the Carga bag. I have drooled over of owning for public knitting projects one non-stop ever since, but cannot afford to at this time. The post is here:

  • Cory says:

    1) Cowon D2
    2) Laptop
    3) Book
    4) Life
    5) Keys

  • edie says:

    my five smaller bags :)

  • That is the cutest bag! I would love to win it and if I did I would carry:

    1.iphone w/mophie
    2. wallet
    3. lip gloss
    4. hand lotion
    5. keys

  • Schmidty says:

    Old Mont Blanc.
    Cosmetic pouch.
    Kiehls musk.
    Lucky rock.

  • Name*lance says:

    1 sony ebook reader
    2 handcrafted leather sketch book
    3 recycled plastic box for sketch materials
    4 opinal knife for witaling
    5 various beach stones and glass

  • DAREN says:

    If were to be lucky enough to don this amazing bag…. It would contain my agenda, scholastic necessities, some goodies, a couple bad habits and the tools of hobbies.

  • Allankh says:

    1. Olympus EP-2 with 28mm pancake lens (won’t miss a moment)
    2. LV epi wallet (gotta carry the cards and cash)
    3. My cologne (freshen up after whenever)
    4. Mint/Gum (to help keep the conv going with her)
    5. Macbook (so I can browse YD anytime, anywhere, and so i can store/process my photos)
    [optional] 6. 2 Durex condoms(cause one looks like you never it on)

    I’m always out and around so if I win this bag, I’d be free advertising for YD!
    *excuse my sense of humor

  • BrianK says:

    oh man if I win this, my DSLR is coming with me wherever I go! (You have no idea how much I’d like to bring my camera along with me if not for the bulk) In fact I bet it could hold my wacom laptop and sketchbook and pencil case, and BAM! Portable art workstation! 😉

  • EMILY says:

    1. SEX
    2. DRUGS
    3. ROCK & ROLL

  • Mike says:

    1) Macbook Pro
    2) Canon 20D
    3) Zumi Digital
    4) Fuji Instax Mini
    5) Digital Recorder

  • sergio says:

    01-leica m8
    02-Carga’s iphone pouch (not yet in the streets)
    03-macbook pro (not yet purchase)…
    04-Visa card (to buy a lot of carga stuff)
    05-Triumph thruxton keys.

  • ct994c4 says:

    1. Macbook Air
    2. Leica M8
    3. 50mm F2 Summicron
    4. 15mm CV F4.5
    5. iPhone 3G

  • edward says:

    I. IPhone
    II. camera
    III. notebook
    IV. water bottle
    V. good mood

  • susie-q says:

    1. MacBook Pro
    2. sketchbook
    3. wallet
    4. lip gloss
    5. some snacks

  • Jian says:

    1, iPhone
    2, MacBook
    3, Wallet
    4, Condoms
    5, Lubricant, oh yeah…

  • luenoc says:

    Estoy cargando estes cosas:

    Uno: My janky inspiron 1525.
    Dos: Palm Pre
    Tres: Maybe a pencil, if I’m lucky, and I remember, a pen.
    Cuatro: FRUIT. SNACKS.
    Cinco: The days essentials.

  • Denise says:

    1) macbook
    2) notebook
    3) ipod touch
    4) pencil case
    5) agenda

  • 1: Laptop
    2: Dance Pants and underwear
    3: I-Pod and Wallet
    4: Toothbrush and Organic Paste
    5: Water Bottle And Coffee

  • steven says:

    1. text books
    2. sports clothes
    3. water bottle
    4. pop science magazine
    5. drawing supplies

  • st. says:

    1.) iPad
    2.) iPhone
    3.) Macbook Pro
    4.) Moleskin Notebook
    5.) Canon DSLR

  • teresa sardina says:

    1) Hand santizer.
    2) Toshiba laptop.
    3) Samsung cellphone.
    4) Journal
    5) Wallet

  • jared says:

    1) Sketchbook
    2) Pigma Micron pens
    3) Laptop
    4) Water bottle
    5) Ipod

  • Storm says:

    1. Macbook
    2. Plaid duct tape
    3. Sharpie pens
    4. Lollipops
    5. Bowtie

    Work stuff and many other things. :)

  • Arc says:

    – Gravity field interaction device
    – Atomic/molecular printer/maker
    – Cat
    – Multi language dictionary (book)
    – Gas Mask

  • zwotens says:

    1. laptop
    2. magazine
    3. note pad and pens
    4. keys
    5. charger

  • mild says:

    one lenovo thinkpad [plus chords]
    two sketchbook [ever important big black and the small moleskine]
    three books [reading + reference]
    four pens and pencils [my 1 pencil, a sharpie, an inky pen, and a red pen]
    five ideas worth spreading

  • Aaron says:

    1. Nokia N800
    2. Gerber Multi-Tool
    3. Rubber Cricket Ball from Samoa
    4. Small frisbee
    5. Footbag

  • chi says:

    1. baby bottle
    2. baby diaper kit
    3. leica camera
    4. sunglasses
    5. backberry

  • Josh Wiggins says:

    1: Macbook Pro
    2: Gramophone Magazine
    3: Sheet Music
    4: A spare Trumpet Mouthpiece
    5: Pencils/Pens

  • Leland says:

    1. MacBook
    2. Motorola Droid
    3. Notebook (pad)
    4. Oakleys
    5. Pencils

  • Micaela K says:

    1- Dayplanner
    2- iPod
    3- Non-fiction
    4- Wallet
    5- Happiness

  • Eugene Kim says:

    1- iphone
    2- Mac Book Pro 15″
    3- teddy bear doll
    4- Bulgari keychain with iriver usb storage
    5- sketchbook

  • Creeth says:

    Bible, for reading
    On the train or maybe bus.
    Food for my spirit.

    Notebook, for jotting.
    Supplement my memory.
    Forgetful I am.

    Books that I’m reading.
    Keeping my right brain active
    Still mentally young!

    Jacket for cold weather.
    My lankiness is my curse,
    I’m hot cold yes no.

    Water bottle for
    Dry mouth in hot, dry places.
    Gulping down heaven!

  • Danielle Shallow says:

    My wallet, keys, notebook, textbook, and a pen.

  • Creeth says:

    Bible, for reading
    On the train or maybe bus.
    Food for my spirit.

    Notebook, for jotting.
    Supplement my memory.
    Forgetful I am.

    Books that I’m reading.
    Keeping my right brain active
    Still mentally young!

    Jacket for cold weather.
    My lankiness is my curse,
    I’m hot cold yes no.

    Water bottle for
    Dry mouth in hot, dry places.
    Gulping down heaven!

    Presented in haiku!

  • Howard says:

    hp tc1100 tablet pc
    cybook bookeen ebook reader
    water bottle

  • Nico says:

    1. Hp notebook
    2. iPhone
    3. Loose leaf tea
    4. Traveling tea cup
    5. peer-reviewed scholarly Psychology journals (to read when I am on the go because I do psychology research and am always reading journal articles!)

  • Kathryn Martinez says:

    1. my students’ ungraded assignments
    2. a green ink pen
    3. a calculator
    4. some Kashi TLC bars for snacking
    5. a bottle of water

  • jason says:

    1.macbook pro

  • jason says:

    1.macbook pro
    2.iphone army knife
    4.delifrance loaf
    5.SiGG bottle

  • 1. Scrap Book/Supplies.
    2. Trail Mix/Water.
    3. Hygienic Items.
    4. Pocket Items
    5. Bike Lock.

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