Made to Light You Up

This particular design is called the “Grass Lamp.” It’s designed by Marko Vuckovic to bring warmth into your environment through the fabulously cunning combination of cool human design with natures lovely natural elements. Same word. Its huge, yet discreet. Grows grass, yet it’s PVC. Only light will tell. It’s difficult to display anything other than flowers inside a home, items that are meant to remain outside. And yet, here it is! A rather magnificent display for grass!

On the wall it goes, to refine the space it goes is where it goes. It goes there, and it does that. The Grass lamp helps the grass grow with its light, and lightens the room at the same time.

Made of light PVC plastic material with thin walls, its inside reserved for soil, water, and yes, grass.

Designer: Marko Vuckovic

Grass Lamp by Marko Vuckovic