Valentine Greetings: 10% Discount On All Items at YD Store!

Ten Days, the countdown has begun and exact Ten Days left to Valentine’s Day! The season of love beckons us to do something special for our loved ones but I know you probably don’t have the time. So allow me to showcase 5 Gift Ideas that may entice your imagination, and unfold a great romantic evening….

An attractive 10% Discount On All Items at YD Store until February 7th!

  • To avail the discount you need to use the following Coupon Code: YDHUGSNKISSES
  • Guaranteed shipment (for the below showcased items) by Valentines for US customers if ordered by February 7th.
  • Doesn’t mean everyone else can’t take advantage of the discount!

Here are 5 gift ideas:

1. Matching jewelry for you and your special someone.


Chroma Watch, Stix & Stones, and Reveal Watch jewelry.

2. Glasses to toast your love for each other.


InsideOut Martini, City Rain Concrete, and InsideOut Champagne glasses.

3. Huggable lights to provide warmth when you’re not around.


d’light Huggable, d’light UrHeart, and d’light Bubbles lights.

4. Vases to hold your gift of flowers.


Flower in Flat, Adaptation, and Barbara vases.

5. Bags and wallets so that there’s a bit of you in their everyday life.


Setgo, KimKim, and Carga bags.

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