This Table Be All Crumpled Up

Oh yes! A table that started out as a “simple software experiment.” This is exactly the sort of thing that an investigatory exploratory design junkie like me likes to read when discovering a new design. Experiencing the CNC technology was the first aim of this project. In the end, it shot out into outer space where the aesthetically unpromising became the end product, the critique of all other tables became the conclusion.

It’s a look at all other objects that are so overly designed that their primary function is overlooked! It’s got so much personality, and so much temper. This table is made more to make you consider it than to perform its task as a table.

The medium is the message!

The materials used: wood with a mat polyurethane color coat.

Designer: Milica Balubdzic

Crumple Table by Milica Balubdzic





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