Kitchen Module – Fully Equipped

Welcome to tomorrow’s kitchen. Designed by Eliza Shubert for the new generation. First, and maybe most importantly to aesthetically-concious designers such as yourselves, it transforms. When it’s not in use, it’s out of the way, it’s nice. Looks like some regularly lovely decor. Touch-screen technology, cooking board, work board, sink, water delivery, air extraction hood, and fabulous lights (for the ability to see.)

What’s that I see on the back, that thing with the recipe looking things? That’s a gigantic touch screen smart panel. You can look up basically anything you want on that baby, ingredients, food combos, Martha what’s-her-name… and maybe if you jury-rigged it, movies and such?

Minimalism. Maximalism.

NOTE: the name of this project is “Virtu_e”, but I fear for it’s translation across all the places that post links to Yanko, so everywhere but here in the post it’ll just be “Virtue.”

Designer: Eliza Shubert

Virtue Modern Kitchen by Eliza Shubert






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