Wine of the Times

I had a few too many glasses of Pinot Gris just the other evening and I swear to Bartles & Jaymes that I envisioned a wine bar that looked similar to this new interior design for “Bella Italia Weine” shop and restaurant located in Stuttgart, Germany, home of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Conscious to the origins on the original shop that was run out or owner Maria und Lorenzo Patané’s home, this new stand alone shop is highlighted by a ceiling mounted with over 90 different mirrors found on garage sales. The second element is a kind of room in the room. With its large oval table, a large round mirror on a wall with textile covering, a carpet and a bunch of lamps hanging from the ceiling the space appears like a homelike sitting-room. Designed by the team of Gunter Fleitz and Peter Ippolito for Ippolito Fleitz Group, this interior space is bold, without a hint of pretension.

Architect: Ippolito Fleitz Group

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